Monday, July 5, 2010


Back in May we told you about Disney collaborating with MAC Cosmetics to release a limited edition collection of lipsticks, powder, lip gloss, eye shadows, and blush.

MAC finally released some of the packaging and we now know the identities of the villains who will grace the cover. Cruella De Vil of “101 Dalmations”, the Evil Queen from “Snow White,” Maleficient from “Sleeping Beauty” and Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog. I feel like Ursala from "The Little Mermaid" was a huge oversight on their part. I mean come on! She was constantly putting on lipstick with those weird little crustaceans.

“Disney gave us the colors used when these characters were drawn throughout their history,” said Jennifer Balbier, vice president of product development for MAC, noting that Cruella and the Evil Queen share more “real woman” shades, such as red lips and peachy blush. Maleficent is “pure fantasy,” said Balbier, noting that offbeat purples, blackened shades and pearlized nails were used. Dr. Facilier headlines the new Magically Cool Liquid Powders. “This is a featherlight powder that goes on like a mist and either sets or enhances foundation, but also lends dimensionality on naked skin,” said Balbier.
There will be 40 different products ranging from $12 to $29.50.

Writer: Kate Murphy

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