Thursday, November 27, 2008

Leathery Temptations

As the FABRIC team work on Queen West it's hard to make it through a lunch without salivating over the fad-doning fashionistas who are conveniently wearing their rugged -yet clean- sorrels as they trollop along (which we all condone- hello we live in Canada! Sorrels are our answers to the Uggs epidemic). These little 'walk by's' have now turned our attention from tights and lace to winter coats and the coolth’s other necessities as the weather turns, like a bat out of hell, from nippy to freezing.

From our lunch-break trend analysis adventures we've realized that street wear has regressed to pre-PETA conditions. The allure of leather has led this year’s stores into temptation. Everyone is selling this sultry, durable, sexy material/hide. Lines from H&M, Club Monaco and Urban Outfitters are speckled with leathery goods so magnificent that even though guilt should sway us from the pleasure of soft gloves and colourful motorcycle jackets, we can't help but scrunch our foreheads and drop our bottom lips out of sheer innocent lust for this season's leather goods. Disdain is difficult to muster when a touch of leather can add sleekness to an otherwise lumpy winter outfit.

Faux leather jacket curtousy of wet seal

Writer: Lauren Camp

Monday, November 24, 2008

Movember Spectacular Gala Party

Mo Bros invite you as a, “VIM” (Very Important Mo) to attend the Movember Gala held at the Phoenix Concert Hall on 410 Sherbourne Street this Thursday evening (the 26th of November). The Party shall 'momence' with the unrolling of the red carpet at 8:30.There after, Mos will rally against one another till 2am for the ever coveted Man of Movember crowning!

Movember is changing the face of men's health all over the globe. Canada is only one of many countries such as Australia, U.K, New Zealand, Spain and Ireland, who are dedicated to raising funds for Prostate cancer research. Or, simply to raise awareness for this formidable strain of cancer by mustache-ing itself all over men's faces across the globe for the month of November- I mean Movember. This movement is important to diminish the taboo over Prostate cancer and mustaches alike. The Movember movement is killing two birds with one stone: advertising Prostate cancer on the face of many young men for an entire month instead of letting it silently hide in these men's jeans, and they're the cause of an entire month of mustache rides! How endearing.

Parties such as this Thursdays Gala are happening all over the world. Fabulous places such as Fontainebleau (the Oakville of Paris) to Dubai. MO’s across the world are uniting at these various events not only to lure next year's potential Movemberers, but also to compete for each city's coveted Man of Movember (mentioned earlier)! Mo's are judged with how well they suit their attire for the evening. Expect to see many construction workers, 70’s anchor men, gun fighters and professors!! Dress code for ladies also co-incides with the little competition - either dress to suit your Man's mo, or tastefully tacky in a dress! Recreate your favourite mo-memory by what you wear.

RSVP's are essential so please contact
Katie at: or
Elena at:
If you want to educate more about the Movemeber Movement I suggest playing around on the Movember website:

Writer: Lauren Camp

Friday, November 21, 2008


Rock the Runway Charity Fashion Show

Sponsored by the likes of Bedo, French Connection, Club Monaco and MAC the annual event to raise money for War Child Canada will be held at the Bata Shoe Museum (Woodsworth College)on Saturday November 22nd. Unfortunately tickets will not be sold at the door, however they are available at the Woodsworth College office, room 103, between 10am and 4pm, at $20 a pop. This is an all ages event! Cocktails and Hors d'oeuvres begin at 7:30pm with the show to follow at 8:30pm.
Please note that all proceeds go to War Child Canada.
Also watch for the release of War Child's first French Language benefit album, Heroes, on November 25th. 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spotted: Mo's

The mustache is back, and with a vengeance. As we reported in the current issue of FABRIC magazine the trend towards embracing facial hair is on the rise. Many magazines native to Europe are not only using models with burly long beards, but also ones groomed short and clean. FABRIC’s most recent and exciting discovery however, is a page in the Paris edition of GQ. The ad is for a brand called Dirk Bikkembergs sport couture. Bikkembergs is a Belgian fashion designer who has created a name for himself by fusing the world of fashion and football together; creating the clothing line where fashion meets function. At FABRIC our partnership with Movember in an effort to raise awareness for prostate cancer is well underway; and thus spotting a Mo, if you will, is not only exciting for us but also further creates awareness for this exceptional cause.
To see the full Dirk Bikembergs Sport Couture collection visit:
To find out more information about Movember and to make a donation please visit:
Contributing Writer: David Royal

Friday, November 14, 2008

Caught on Queen Part 17!

Jienn is a twenty three year old student from Korea. Though her English isn't what she'd like it to be just yet, she speaks fashionista fluently. Everything that she's wearing is in fact from her motherland, however we'd like to take this opportunity to learn from Korea's offerings... especially in the little booties department. Just to taunt you a touch more they only cost her nine dollars. Yes...nine.

Age: 23
Outfit: South Korea (budget items, except $200 coat)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Caught on Queen Part 16!

Our little Miss Melissa was caught toting her little bicycle on her day away from her flowers (she's a fabulous florist). Melissa is the epitome of Monday-off-class. Melissa's boots come from B.2, her little skinnies from Happy Mondays (isn't hat ironic), and that traditional black leather jacket harkens from the good old Gap. Please note the 'fox' draped around her neck. All of us at FABRIC want one, but she simply wouldn't let us know where she bought him/her.

Age: 46
Shoes: B2
Jeans: Happy Monday
Sweater: Gap

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Caught on Queen Part 15!

We didn't catch this lovely lady's name, however we did nickname her Tigger. Who ever she is, she sure knows how to pair classics with vivacious items in order to comprise a presentable yet eye-catching end. We also learned that she's a good hunter; her boots are Replay, but were picked up at Winners, her jacket was plucked off one of the Value Village's racks and her purse was stolen from her mommy's closet...naughty!

Shoes: Replay purchased at Winners
Belt: Vintage 69
Jacket: Value Village
Sunglasses: Serenity
Purse: Ralph Lauren

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Caught on Queen Part 14!

At the young age of 18, Kim’s fashion sense is a personal statement. Kim is effortlessly cool; from her colourful tat’s to her bold printed top to her high-waisted pencil skirt. We know that wheni t comes to fashion, confidence is everything, and Kim's got it going on!

Age: 18
Shoes: Value Village
T-Shirt: Top of the World
Skirt: American Apparel

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lacey Sunday

Here at FABRIC, we're simply crazy about lace. So you can imagine the joy in our hearts when we saw lace popping everywhere from here to Prada this season. Although we saw the lace fad on the catwalk, we didn't realize what a street trend lace would turn into. There have been recent predictions by members of the fashion industry that the amount of lace that will be manufactured for designer (and knockoff designer!) clothing in the next few seasons will send the lace industry into a tailspin, and we concur. This season, we're all about black lace, but pops of colour work well with any transitional outfit. Lace adds a sexy, mysterious feel to any outfit, but be careful not to go overboard with it. As a rule of thumb, try and stick with one lace piece at a time - for example, pair lace stockings with a coctail dress, or lace tops with a cardigan and skinny jeans. Below are some examples of awesome lace pieces we are creeping on right now!

Check out the Reia N Studio Sample Sale! Get great discounts on Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney, Prada, and much more.
November 12-14, 9am-6pm
555 Richmond Street West, Suite #706
Toronto, ON

RK Sale!

Official Evan Biddell L’Oreal Fashion Week After Party

On October 22nd, the FABRIC team was at the Evan Biddel after party to see and be seen. It was held on the 6th floor and rooftop of the Burroughes Building and over 500 members of the fashion industry, media, celebrities and musicians attended the soiree. The event was sponsored by the Burroughes Building, Audi, Fute Design, Rowenta, Winners, K-Swiss, HighStreet Capital and Richard Booth Fine Jewellery, and was hosted by musican guests Fritz Helder and the Phantoms. Spinning was Dinamo Azari as DJ with live performances by Golden Girls and Tuxedo Mask with interactive projections on the brick walls by Automat interactive. There was roof top acoustic entertainment by the United Imperial Loyalists with Fute Design furniture, blankets and space heaters featuring a breathtaking view of the Toronto sky line. All the furniture and lighting was sponsored by Fute Design which filled the 6,000 square foot hard loft space. The event was an open bar with alcohol sponsors Slave Vodka, Peroni Beer, Painted Turtle Wine, Prosecco and Compari. The FABRIC team had a fantastic night - the party and dancing went on till 4am! The photos above come courtesy of an amazing photographer we met at the event named David Waldman. You can check out more of his work on his online portfolio at

Cadbury Couture

On November 5th, Cadbury hosted an event in celebration of two things women love most: chocolate and fashion

The inspiration for the 2008 Cadbury Chocolate Couture Collection was the global passion for chocolate and the countries that love Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Bar most.

Master of Chocolate: John Nightingale
Curator: Farley Chatto
Master Chocolatier: Jenn Stone
Music Performances by: Simone Denny and Measha Brueggergosman
Farley Chatto: Milky Stardust Glam Rocker – a tribute to David Bowie. His outrageous music man sported a sexy, chest baring “cage jean jacket” made entirely of strips of chocolate boned leather and adorned with Swarovski crystal snaps. His chaps were covered with more than 600 milk chocolate, dark chocolate and nougat paillettes edged in 24k gold leaf.

Highlights of the event included:

Andrew Majtenyi: Celtic Coquette – Chocolate that’s been hand piped and stenciled into elaborate Celtic patterns made Majtenyi’s Irish step dancer the sweetest ever seen.

Eugenia Designs: El Toreador – Sexy suit wholly airbrushed in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. Her bolero was a variety of chocolate balls, beads, and buttons. Her cap was completely dipped in luscious dark chocolate.

Hoax Couture Studio: The Maharaja of Cadbury – Used hundreds of milk and dark chocolate discs to richly pattern their Maharaja’s regal Cadbury purple coat and Cadbury gold pants. Giant Chocolate jewels that studded his waistband and elaborate turban.

Greta Constantine: Thai Temptress: Delicate breast plate moulded in Cadbury dairy milk chocolate and decorated with solid chocolate studs and jewels. Six meters of beadwork in pure dark chocolate went into the abbreviated skirt.

Izzy Camilleri: African Queen – elaborate chocolate twig midd riff baring bodice. Leather sarong executed in milk chocolate. Her tresses woven with chocolate were topped with a woven chocolate basket.

Damzels in this Dress: Harajuku Girl – Punky/Frilly frock totally airbrushed in Cadbury Milk Chocolate.

Philip Sparks: Courier de Bois/Northern Trapper – Traditional plaid jacket pattered with various tones of Cadbury chocolate and a pair of chocolate denim pants. The fur on the collar and mits and hat was actually chocolate that had been spun like candy floss.

Lilliput Hats: Sydney Diva – A tiny two piece bikini was all sexy chocolate leather and an Opera House inspired hat made entirely of solid Cadbury dairy milk chocolate encrusted in diamond shaped chocolate tiles.

Ines Di Santo: Floribunda – Extraordinary bridal gown boasts hundreds and hundreds of multi-toned three dimensional Cadbury chocolate leaves, tendrils and vines. Her bouquet was a masterpiece of delicate chocolate filigree, beadwork and yet more delectable chocolate flora.

Caught on Queen Part 13!

Bringing back head-to-toe denim and white loafers, Michael’s style is casual yet well structured. The bowler hat revamps his outfit, making it very Fall '08.

Note: rocking the ‘stache, Michael is a walking advertisement for “Movember”.

Michael K. Newton
Shoes: Adidas Originals Vulcan slip-ons
Jeans: Gsus Industries
Sweater: Adidas Originals
Hat: Kangol

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Caught on Queen Part 12!

Andrew and Prasad are ready for the Canadian fall. Armed with Canada’s finest (Timmy’s), the two are rocking fall’s major trends: Hunter rain boots and colourful peacoats.

Age: 30
Rain boots: Hunter
Jeans: H&M
Vintage sweater
Hat: H&M

Shoes from Bakers
Denim from H&M
Cardigan from H&M
Jewellery from Value Village

Friday, November 7, 2008

Caught on Queen Part 11!

Originally from Argentina and now living in London; Gerardo brings classic European simplicity and sensibility to Queen St. West.

Age: 37
Shoes: Scho City in Sweden
Jeans: Diesel
Jacket: Zara

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trend Report: Olsen Meets Lennon

What's Hot? John Lennon's rounded sunglasses.
What's Not? Vladamir Lenin's argyle socks.

Although John Lennon imagined a world free of war, religion and government he couldn't possibly have imagined the effect his rounded glasses would have on the fashion world. In Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous, Kate Hudson made the 'Lennon Glasses' almost sexy and Mary-Kate Olsen has continued the trend even prompting some fashion blogs to call the glasses 'Olsen-Lennon' in style despite 'Olsen-Lennonist' being much funnier. And reports that the glasses have been "included in Karen Walker's Spring-Summer
2007/2008 collection and Moschino's Cheap of Chic Autumn-Winter2008/2009 runway." Chanel, Linda Farrow, Balenciaga, Pollini and Persol are following suit. In spite of their recent popularity, however, we at Fabric anticipate that the whole Lennon-glasses trend will be about as stable as Mary-Kate's wobbly little legs.

-Colin Fleming

The Powers That Be

The Power Suit: a term which emerged in the 1980s to describe the suits worn by the rising generation of tenacious working girls. The idea was that 'power' could be worn even if it wasn't an innate archetype at the time with women. It was something that they could put on and therefore be recognized as intelligent, viable creatures. Though this term was only coined in the '80s , and prescribed itself to women's fashion wear, if you think about it the liberal revolutionary initiators of America, men such as Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King and before them Theodore Roosevelt were all fighting against the 'man'- the conservative much like the working girls of the 80's. In order to feel strong , they wore strong. The following American revolutionaries have not only changed American politics forever, but also influenced all men who have something to fight for wear their power in a way which influences how they are perceived by those whom need to be persuaded into believing in their given plight.

Teddy Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt who won America's first Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 after negotiating the end to the Russo-Japanese War sported side burns and eccentrically paired his power suit with a set of spectacles at the end of a black cord of silk. Teddy's silk vests are what's missing in today's repitoire of men's wear. That, as well as a fearless choice of tie. Roosevelt's adimence and self assurance when it came to style was part of his pathos.

Martin Luther King
King's clean and simple black suits, worn a touch loser than other gentlemen did at the time, though it portrayed confidence it calmly suggested modesty. What is most interesting is his ever present tie clip. Sometimes acessories serve as a mode of expression to show the power behind a poignant message.

John Kennedy
Though Kennedy was prey for designers who begged him to wear their items, he stuck true to his favorites. The young democrat opted for Brookes Brother's shirts and single breasted suits from Saville Row, a British company. Not very America, but one has to realize that lack of tradition was what was standing between young man Kennedy and the respect he was dying for from the old boys, and their club, in Washington. British goods ooze tradition.

Barak Obama
Newly appointed President Obama's infamous blue Hartmaz suit typically retails for fifteen hundred dollars at their Chicago department stores. This smart suit speaks to the every day man of America. Here, what Obama wears coincides with his social policies. Obama's power suit works because it speaks to the everyday man. His power is normalcy.

Caught on Queen Part 10!

I wish every young woman I walked past was as striking and knew as much about Patricia Field (Sex and the City costume designer turned fashion designer) as twenty four year old Tabitha. Her monochromatic look, red boots from Lavish and 'tight' red leather gloves from Field's boutique in New York, really punches autumn in the face. Tabitha balances her flouncy hair with a classic pencil skirt from Kazou. Something makes us think that she's been catching up on episodes of Mad Men. Maybe we all should too. Tabitha Age: 24 Red booties: Lavish & Squalor Skirt: Kazou Finger gloves: from Sex & the City costume designer Patricia Field’s New York City boutique

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Bench Over the Pond

UK clothing label Bench is set to open a store at Toronto tourist location The Eaton’s Centre. The brand which originated in the '90s as a small range menswear brand become popular among the skate crowd. Since the brands inception they have transformed into an urban lifestyle brand appealing to Londoners and our own Queen Westers alike. Bench which is most recognized for their graphic tees and sweats will make its Canadian flagship debut this season. Be sure to stop by the new location when it opens!