Thursday, November 27, 2008

Leathery Temptations

As the FABRIC team work on Queen West it's hard to make it through a lunch without salivating over the fad-doning fashionistas who are conveniently wearing their rugged -yet clean- sorrels as they trollop along (which we all condone- hello we live in Canada! Sorrels are our answers to the Uggs epidemic). These little 'walk by's' have now turned our attention from tights and lace to winter coats and the coolth’s other necessities as the weather turns, like a bat out of hell, from nippy to freezing.

From our lunch-break trend analysis adventures we've realized that street wear has regressed to pre-PETA conditions. The allure of leather has led this year’s stores into temptation. Everyone is selling this sultry, durable, sexy material/hide. Lines from H&M, Club Monaco and Urban Outfitters are speckled with leathery goods so magnificent that even though guilt should sway us from the pleasure of soft gloves and colourful motorcycle jackets, we can't help but scrunch our foreheads and drop our bottom lips out of sheer innocent lust for this season's leather goods. Disdain is difficult to muster when a touch of leather can add sleekness to an otherwise lumpy winter outfit.

Faux leather jacket curtousy of wet seal

Writer: Lauren Camp

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