Monday, November 24, 2008

Movember Spectacular Gala Party

Mo Bros invite you as a, “VIM” (Very Important Mo) to attend the Movember Gala held at the Phoenix Concert Hall on 410 Sherbourne Street this Thursday evening (the 26th of November). The Party shall 'momence' with the unrolling of the red carpet at 8:30.There after, Mos will rally against one another till 2am for the ever coveted Man of Movember crowning!

Movember is changing the face of men's health all over the globe. Canada is only one of many countries such as Australia, U.K, New Zealand, Spain and Ireland, who are dedicated to raising funds for Prostate cancer research. Or, simply to raise awareness for this formidable strain of cancer by mustache-ing itself all over men's faces across the globe for the month of November- I mean Movember. This movement is important to diminish the taboo over Prostate cancer and mustaches alike. The Movember movement is killing two birds with one stone: advertising Prostate cancer on the face of many young men for an entire month instead of letting it silently hide in these men's jeans, and they're the cause of an entire month of mustache rides! How endearing.

Parties such as this Thursdays Gala are happening all over the world. Fabulous places such as Fontainebleau (the Oakville of Paris) to Dubai. MO’s across the world are uniting at these various events not only to lure next year's potential Movemberers, but also to compete for each city's coveted Man of Movember (mentioned earlier)! Mo's are judged with how well they suit their attire for the evening. Expect to see many construction workers, 70’s anchor men, gun fighters and professors!! Dress code for ladies also co-incides with the little competition - either dress to suit your Man's mo, or tastefully tacky in a dress! Recreate your favourite mo-memory by what you wear.

RSVP's are essential so please contact
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If you want to educate more about the Movemeber Movement I suggest playing around on the Movember website:

Writer: Lauren Camp

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