Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beauty Tames the Beast

Ever since the 'Brigitte Bardot' look was seemingly massacred by Amy Whinehouse, damage control has been underway as designers commit to repairing the havock wrecked to the smokey eye since the rehab favourite began appearing in OKs across the globe. Lavin at Paris Fashion week and Donatella Versace at Milan Fashion week kept Amy's infamous thick-as-tar eyeliner, but chose to nip the cat-eye-strophy in the butt. Simply said, they popped a thick zebra stripe on each eyelid and left the rest of the face clean and understated. This modern eye has saved us all from having to drag a greasy eyeliner pencil all over our temples for the next few years. The twist on the Bardot is not only a more toned down version from the Whinehouse look, but also compliments what is coming up this spring in terms of bright solid colours as Lavin's show proved. Though this may seem at first a bit 80s for your taste, especially for your 9-5 purposes, Versace helps us understand that the look can also be juxtaposed with grecian inspired chiffon to create a softer image. As a result, the New Bardot is the way to wear your eyes this upcoming season - day or night. They say that the eyes are the window to your soul. Consider this exquisite drapery.

-Lauren Camp

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Kajal said...

As someone who always appreciated the classic Bardot look, I was appalled when Amy Whinehouse entered the scene and made the entire look trashy. I am very happy to hear that the look is making a come back, in its classic form.