Monday, November 10, 2008

Cadbury Couture

On November 5th, Cadbury hosted an event in celebration of two things women love most: chocolate and fashion

The inspiration for the 2008 Cadbury Chocolate Couture Collection was the global passion for chocolate and the countries that love Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Bar most.

Master of Chocolate: John Nightingale
Curator: Farley Chatto
Master Chocolatier: Jenn Stone
Music Performances by: Simone Denny and Measha Brueggergosman
Farley Chatto: Milky Stardust Glam Rocker – a tribute to David Bowie. His outrageous music man sported a sexy, chest baring “cage jean jacket” made entirely of strips of chocolate boned leather and adorned with Swarovski crystal snaps. His chaps were covered with more than 600 milk chocolate, dark chocolate and nougat paillettes edged in 24k gold leaf.

Highlights of the event included:

Andrew Majtenyi: Celtic Coquette – Chocolate that’s been hand piped and stenciled into elaborate Celtic patterns made Majtenyi’s Irish step dancer the sweetest ever seen.

Eugenia Designs: El Toreador – Sexy suit wholly airbrushed in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. Her bolero was a variety of chocolate balls, beads, and buttons. Her cap was completely dipped in luscious dark chocolate.

Hoax Couture Studio: The Maharaja of Cadbury – Used hundreds of milk and dark chocolate discs to richly pattern their Maharaja’s regal Cadbury purple coat and Cadbury gold pants. Giant Chocolate jewels that studded his waistband and elaborate turban.

Greta Constantine: Thai Temptress: Delicate breast plate moulded in Cadbury dairy milk chocolate and decorated with solid chocolate studs and jewels. Six meters of beadwork in pure dark chocolate went into the abbreviated skirt.

Izzy Camilleri: African Queen – elaborate chocolate twig midd riff baring bodice. Leather sarong executed in milk chocolate. Her tresses woven with chocolate were topped with a woven chocolate basket.

Damzels in this Dress: Harajuku Girl – Punky/Frilly frock totally airbrushed in Cadbury Milk Chocolate.

Philip Sparks: Courier de Bois/Northern Trapper – Traditional plaid jacket pattered with various tones of Cadbury chocolate and a pair of chocolate denim pants. The fur on the collar and mits and hat was actually chocolate that had been spun like candy floss.

Lilliput Hats: Sydney Diva – A tiny two piece bikini was all sexy chocolate leather and an Opera House inspired hat made entirely of solid Cadbury dairy milk chocolate encrusted in diamond shaped chocolate tiles.

Ines Di Santo: Floribunda – Extraordinary bridal gown boasts hundreds and hundreds of multi-toned three dimensional Cadbury chocolate leaves, tendrils and vines. Her bouquet was a masterpiece of delicate chocolate filigree, beadwork and yet more delectable chocolate flora.

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