Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trend Report: Olsen Meets Lennon

What's Hot? John Lennon's rounded sunglasses.
What's Not? Vladamir Lenin's argyle socks.

Although John Lennon imagined a world free of war, religion and government he couldn't possibly have imagined the effect his rounded glasses would have on the fashion world. In Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous, Kate Hudson made the 'Lennon Glasses' almost sexy and Mary-Kate Olsen has continued the trend even prompting some fashion blogs to call the glasses 'Olsen-Lennon' in style despite 'Olsen-Lennonist' being much funnier. And reports that the glasses have been "included in Karen Walker's Spring-Summer
2007/2008 collection and Moschino's Cheap of Chic Autumn-Winter2008/2009 runway." Chanel, Linda Farrow, Balenciaga, Pollini and Persol are following suit. In spite of their recent popularity, however, we at Fabric anticipate that the whole Lennon-glasses trend will be about as stable as Mary-Kate's wobbly little legs.

-Colin Fleming

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