Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"I Die" for "Bananas"

She is the most famous (or infamous) stylist in Hollywood. Project, and styling the A-List celebs like Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes and Demi Moore, Rachel Between filming her Bravo! reality show, The Rachel Zoe Zoe has found time to create her very own fashion line.

This seems to explain the reason Zoe trademarked her famous sayings "I die" and "Bananas".

There aren't many details yet about the line, but it is said to include clothing, jewellry, bags, shoes, and a fragrance. The clothing line is expected to be called "I Die" whereas the frangrace will be called "Bananas". Zoe's camp said the frangrance will embody her "personal style" Whatever that means. I don't know how you can smell style, but I'm guessing it will smell like venti vanilla skim lattes, ciggies, fur, and banana flavoured popsicles.

Rachel also assured buyers that the line will be recession friendly. “It will be absolutely, 100% accessible fashion for sure — for everybody.” Zoe explained. “There’s no reason for me to do a luxury-level design. That’s not who I am. I don’t think it’s what people want from me. I think that I would need to give people that fantasy becoming a reality. That’s my job.”

I wonder if her line will be accessible for those who are bigger then a size 2? I digress.

Right now you can bid on some of Zoe's personal jewellry that she's collected over the years over at DecadesTwo. Proceeds raised go to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

And for those of you who, like me, are dying for the upcoming season of The Rachel Zoe Project, the second season is scheduled to be back on air sometime mid-year. I'm seriously having withdrawals from not seeing Brad and his cute bow ties and I miss seeing Taylor blow a gasket on a daily basis.

Writer: Kate Murphy

Monday, March 30, 2009

Canuck Coats

We at FABRIC love nothing more than clothing that is not only practical, but absolutely gorgeous as well. When we came across these made-in-Canada (they’re not outsourced people!) coats we instantly wanted them all. Smythe is a Canadian based label that began in 2004.

The jackets are designed by Toronto based design team and high school friends Christie Smythe and Andrea Lenczner. The duo decided against the idea of producing an entire collection, instead they were interested in putting their energy into one piece and perfecting it as much as possible. “We don't like the idea of prescribing what a woman wears from head to toe...and in this way we weren't interested in producing a full collection with looks. The jacket is such a critical piece in every woman's wardrobe, [both] an emotional and versatile piece, one that can bring it all together and finish any look, leaving the interpretation up to the individual. We also wanted to do one thing and do it well, to become experts in a category." The coats are very versatile; they can be dressed down with a pair of jeans and Chuck’s, or can accessorize a cute dress and sky high heels. Their pieces feature quality material and flawless tailoring, and the coats come in an array of styles and colours.

The fashion world has taken notice of Smythe as well. They’ve been featured in spreads in InStyle, FLARE, FASHION, and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as on eTalk. Their coats have also graced the backs of Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway and Blake Lively.

Smythe coats can be found at Holt Renfrew and other high end boutiques in Canada. They’re also sold at Saks and Bergdorf Goodman in the US as well as being available online at net-a-porter.com and shopbop.com.

Smythe coats don’t run cheap, but you can’t put a price on quality... or Canadiana!

Writer: Kate Murphy

Friday, March 27, 2009

Designer Gwyneth

Gwyneth Paltrow is the newest celebrity to design her own collection. The Acedemy Award winner is set to design a line for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2009 season. Paltrow is collaborating with French label ZOEtee's for a capsule collection entitled ZOEtee's Loves Gwyneth.

The line will be a casual jerseywear based collection. It is inspired by the 1970's and will feature masculine tailoring, and sophisticated yet wearable pieces. Knowing Gwyneth the pieces will be quite pricey!

Not much is known about the line yet, but it is rumoured that the proceeds from every piece sold will be donated to the London's Kids Company, a charity that is apparently very important to Gwyneth.

The line is set to debut next week in London.

Writer: Kate Murphy

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Valentino's Best Friend

If you haven't yet seen Valentino The Last Emperor, which is a documentary following the life of the designer as he designs his last collection, then you have no idea of his fascination with pugs. Valentino has six pugs (Milton, Monty, Maude, Margot, Maggie, and Molly) and they are the single best thing about the documentary. "I don't care about the collection. My dogs are much more important", professes Valentino.

They create a fantastic sense of humour and fun to the documentary and each pug becomes a character in the movie. There's a scene where Valentino is posing for the movie poster with all of his pugs in tow and it soon becomes absolute mayhem. One "little idiot," as Valentino calls her, pees during the shoot, and all six get taken wherever their master goesHe treats them like his own children and spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on them. They wear diamonds, eat the ebst food, and even have their own dog butler. These dogs are complete fashionista diva's. They cop some serious 'tude.

To get a little taste of what we're talking about check out this clip.

In lieu of his love for the pug, Valentino has started Valentino The Last Emperor's Most Fashionable Pug contest! The contest will be judged by Valentino himself.

Provide a photo of your pug looking glamorous (interpret that however you like), along with the dog's name and your name, address, email address, and daytime phone number. You may submit the photo in one of the following ways:
» Post it yourself to this Facebook page (and email them your contact info along with the photo)
» email photo to them
» Present it in person at the Film Forum box office (attn: Adam Walker), with the relevant info written on the back of the photo.

Film Forum will be displaying the best photos in their theater lobby on the Most Fashionable Pug contest board, so be sure to drop by and check it out! 209 W Houston St. New York, NY 10014 http://www.filmforum.com/

Prizes provided by House of Dog, the California-based high-fashion doggie boutique, and by New York's Feron Productions.
» First Prize: House of Dog's complete pug setup! Two collar/leash sets, a basket of toys, and a large drinking bowl. Plus a Pop Art portrait of your pug from Feron Productions!
» Second Prize: One House of Dog collar/leash set, and a hardcover copy of Valentino Themes and Variations!
» Third Prize: One House of Dog collar!

A selection of the best entry photos will be posted daily on this page. Deadline: Thursday, April 16. Winners will be notified by Friday, April 24.
Writer: Kate Murphy

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Britney <3's Canadian Designers

Britney Spears showed up to her concert after part rocking another garment by a Canadian designer.

Britney Spears' entire tour costumes were designer by Toronto twins Dan and Dean Caten, aka DSquared2. While performing in Montreal, Britney showed up to her after party wearing a coat by Montreal-based designers and childhood friends Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan, better known as Mackage.

Mackage's strengths lie within their outerwear and use of wool with well cut leather detailing. Their coats have great shape and clean lines. They balance the femininity of the sexiness and sleekness of their coats with the masculinity of leather and large silver or gold button detailing.

Britney isn't the only Hollywood starlet rocking Mackage's coats. Hilary Duff, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, Kreesha Turner, and Kristen Bell have all been spotted wearing Mackage. Mackage is also a favourite of wardrobe departments and can be seen in shows such as Gossip Girl, Nip/Tuck, 24, and The Sopranos.

Mackage's coats are quality coats that will set you back a few hundred dollars or more.

Currently Mackage is selling this leather bomber jacket (below) at popular Canadian boutique Aritzia for $550.

Writer: Kate Murphy

Rockin' Runways

We wanted to share with you the videos of the fashion shows from LG Fashion Week.

- Pink Tartan
- Evan Bidell
- Joe Fresh
- Carlie Wong
- Comrags
- Ed Hardy
- Bustle
- Lucian Matis
- Travis Taddeo
- Ula Zukowska
- Joeffer Caoc
- Andy The-Ahn
- Lundstrum
- Ryerson School of Fashion
- David Dixon - Barbie Collection

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cosmopolitan Canadiana!

Cosmopolitan Canadiana! LG Fashion Week was absolutely spectacular. We have tremendously talented visionaries. It was phenononal to see racial diversity on the runways. Our designers made Torontonians proud by celebrating our diversity and showing the world that we are a leader in style and beauty! Congratulations to all the participants of LG Fashion Week. I can't wait to see what magical creations you have in store for us next year.

Writer: Shivana Scott

Monday, March 23, 2009

Loose Threads

LG Fashion Week was a total success! Lots of great designers showed off their Fall/Winter 2009 Collections and helped put Toronto on the map. Lots of great celebrities also showed up to support fashion week including Iman, Elisha Cuthbert, and Canadian supermodels Coco Rocha and Irina Lazareanu. We'll have pictures and some reviews of the shows up this week.

The Canadian Fashhion Association and FABRIC magazine were well represented. Our very own blog, The Daily Thread, was featured inside LG Fashion Week's media room. Unfortunately my batteries in my digital camera died and I was left with only my Blackberry, which doesn't feature the most sophisticated camera in the world. I took a picture of our blog anyways (above). It's something we're proud of. It's nice to know people are reading it and nice to get some attention within the fashion world.

We also wanted to let you know we've joined Twitter. To be honest I don't know what to make of this whole Twitter phenomenon. Do we as a society need to know every detail of everyone's lives the second they are living it? I mean do I really need to know/see Demi Moore steam Ashton Kutcher's suits while in her underwear (if you have no idea what I'm talking about click here) or be a witness to Lindsay Lohan's late night breakdowns (ugh, click here). The answer to these questions is a resounding HELL NO!!!!...or is it? Before Twitter I didn't spend my day thinking about what Ashton Kutcher or Lindsay Lohan were doing every second of every day, yet when the opportunity to spy on these people came up I seem to have taken it. I suppose it's the voyeuristic nature of our society. Twittering is more intimate than candid celebrity shots because it comes from the celebrities themselves. So I guess I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. I could live without it (very easily I might add), but I suppose if the opportunity exists to spy on these people I'll take it...and hate myself for it in the process.

I suppose if you're a company or a band it's a good way to connect with people and have a channel of communication. So that's the angle I'm going for. I will become a total hypocrite and tell you that CFA has joined this cultural phenomenon. Visit us at twitter.com/canadianfashion. We already have some followers so I guess there are people out there who want to know every little thing we're doing or not doing. Weird. CFA is an association providing a service to the designers in Canada who need help. We're a platform to help upcoming designers and other industry insiders. We're actually doing constructive, productive things with our tweeting. We're not tweeting about what we had for breakfast. So I hope you enjoy it! Actually I hope you hate youself for enjoying it. Then you'll understand the conflict I feel towards Twitter.

P.S. You should totally follow Russell Brand's Twitter. It's thoroughly entertaining and he tweets exactly like he talks.

P.P.S. You should also follow Shaquille O'Neal's Twitter. You might be able to catch up with him at a restaurant.

P.P.P.S. Ugh! I really hate myself.

Writer: Kate Murphy

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Divine Design

Travis Taddeo

Travis Taddeo lit up the runway with his unique and imaginative designs. My front row seat provided a perfect view of the detailed perfection in many of his dazzling creations. His clever use of color and texture is refreshing and original. The audience was swept away with his glamorous yet understated evening wear. His models had delicate womanly curves. Bravo Travis! The cheeky blend of mesh with heavier fabrics made the collection memorable and innovative.

Writer: Shivana Scott

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Debut of Jamaican Born Designer Carlton Brown

What: North American Debut of Designer Carlton Brown.

Where: LG Fashion Week – Nathan Phillips Square.

When: Thursday March 19th @ 8PM

Toronto – March 17, 2009

Jamaica’s leading male designer, Carlton Brown, takes center stage as he makes his North American debut during LG Fashion Week on Thursday March 19th at 8:00PM. Premiering his Fall 2009 line, entitled “The Collection”, he offers an eclectic mix of fabrics, colors and form-fitting designs.

Bringing a classic energy to formal wear, and infusing it with casual chic, Brown has established his eponymous label as the one to own in the Caribbean. Featuring island-influenced colours and textures, combined with classic styling, Brown is enthusiastic about bringing his latest collection to Canada’s fashion capital.

His latest collection is partially inspired by Jamaica’s victories in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, melding art, music and sports to express the theme of ‘Winner’s Goal’, an exploration of the drive, swagger and style of success.

Carlton Brown has been creating fashion for over a decade. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Brown who through the nurturing from talented artisans, further fuelled his passion, hence developing his signature style, combining formal attire with casual chic.

Named “Caribbean Male Fashion Designer of the Year,” Carlton Brown is the name in fashion throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Writer: Press Release

Monday, March 16, 2009

Toronto Finds...

That time of year is rolling around again where you shed your winter wear and get ready to be decked out in all the hot new spring trends! Yes that means bikini shopping! We all have had our ‘Ups and Downs’ in this department, trying to find that perfect suit that’s going to compliment your body and make you look fabulous, but it can be a stressful task. This summer you will see the light!

Just down on Queen St. East you will be delightfully surprised to find a swimwear store like no other! Ups and Downs Swimwear has a variety of designer swimsuits no matter your shape or size. You will be overwhelmed by the selection, your only problem will be trying not to buy more then one. You need not fret about finding one to flatter your body because co-owner Mary Abbinante will be more then happy to assist you with flattering styles and colours that will leave you feeling like a million bucks.

Ups and Downs is equipped to meet your every need for the beach, from designer bikinis, bandeaus, and footwear to gorgeous dresses and handbags and so much more. Their extensive collection includes Vix, Diva, Debbie Katz from South Beach, and Ed Hardy as worn by the stars. It doesn’t stop there either! Ups and Downs also has Esthetics by Carmen as a partner, which provides esthetic services within the store. They have truly got you covered for any upcoming vacations or just for the summer. We all know you can’t go to the beach without a bikini wax, which you get free with a minimum $200 purchase.

The swimsuits aren’t the only thing this unique store has to offer, the décor itself is worth coming in to see. Ups and Downs have teamed up with Jane Hall Designs to create the perfect oasis to make for the ultimate shopping experience. You will be taken away by the art and unique furniture that you will not experience anywhere else.

Owners Joe and Mary Abinante have been working together for 30 years establishing their beautiful store. They’ve been through their share of tough times; when on February 15th their decade old beach location was taken away by a fire. Not letting that stop them, Joe and Mary took it as an opportunity to take a break from working '12 hours a day, seven days a week’ to go and visit their place in Sicily. They’re now back in action and have established their new location at 2010 Queen St. East.

Ups and Downs Swimwear
2010 Queen St. East

Store Hours
Monday to Wednesday - 10am to 7pm
Thursday and Friday - 10 am to 9pm.
Saturday and Sunday - 10am to 7pm

Writer: Danielle Perrault

LG Fashion Week Evan Biddell

LG Fashion Week Betsey Johnson

Friday, March 13, 2009

Louis Vuitton Don

Want to dress like Kanye West? Well it will cost you your entire life savings.

Kanye West is set to release a shoe collection in collaboration with Louis Vuitton. The sneaker line, which includes Don's, Jasper's and Mr. Hudson's, will cost you anywhere from $870 to $1140. The shoes come in an array of colours and feature both high tops and low tops.

Even if you don't find his shoe collection groundbreaking, we can guarantee you that Kanye does.

Photos provided by celebuzz.

Writer: Kate Murphy

Fall/Winter 2009 Collections

One of the most star studded fashion shows at this years Paris Fashion Week was courtesy of Stella McCartney. Sure it helps when your father is a a rock 'n' roll God, but Stell McCartney sure has created a name for herself within the fashion world.

Stella McCartney's Fall/Winter 2009 Collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week. McCartney's signiture looks (oversized blazers, slip style cocktail dresses, detailed tailoring, smoothe curves, and her beloved jumpsuits) were front and centre on the catwalk. McCartney certainly has become confident in her designs and it can be seen during the show. Models were given permission to smile and have fun, something that is usually frowned upon in Paris (Karl Lagerfeld is dying right now!).

McCartney's clothes are always sexy, powerful yet feminine. The lingerie inspired collection used opacity, lace, transparency and spaghetti straps to show off a woman's silhouette. The lace "is nice to remind you there's a human element underneath the clothes, nice to get skin," McCartney told reporters backstage. "It's a nice way of finding femininity and sensuality and delicacy, but when it's black lace, there's something a little edgy about it, as well." When asked if nighty dresses are wearable Stella coyly replied "for some people, I think definitely".

Other eye popping pieces include a great purple glam rock faux leather jacket, a structured gray oversized blazer, and the accessories, something that has been a challenge for McCartney in the past. Accessories are usually a designers go-to moneymaking staple because of the luxury and accessibility of the products. But Stella manages to stay true to her beliefs of not using any fur or leather in her collection, a clear by-product of her late mothers influence upon her. This creates a challenge of trying to sell her accessories to the mass public who associate fur and leather with status and money. On the positive side, when other designers such as John Galliano and Christian Lacroix have to deal with PETA representatives and staged protesters, McCartney manages to avoid such negative publicity.

"I'd like to give women something they get noticed in but won't be overwhelmed by," McCartney told reporters backstage. And that is the genius of Stella McCartney. The woman wears the clothes, the clothes don't wear the woman.

Here are some of our favourites from the collection.

Click here for more from Stella's collection.
Click here to watch the fashion show and here to hear what Stella herself has to say.

Writer: Kate Murphy

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Fall 2009 Calendar- SUBJECT TO CHANGE

The Market- Fashion Environment
Fall 2009 wholesale collections available for order

Tuesday March 17th
9AM- 12PM
Wednesday March 18th
9AM- 1PM
Thursday March 19th
9AM- 1PM

The Market is CLOSED to the Public. Access granted exclusively to accredited Buyers and Media

Monday March 16th
5:30PM – Holt Renfrew Bloor Street
Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail (BIO)
7:00 PM- Fashion Environment
Barbie Cocktail Party (BIO)
8PM- Runway
David Dixon
Barbie by David Dixon (BIO)
9PM -Fashion Environment
Barbie After Party (BIO)

Tuesday March 17th
1:30 PM- Fashion Environment
LG Event “Love Your Clothes”
3PM- Runway
• Ula Zukowska
4PM- Runway
Travis Taddeo
5PM- Runway
• Zoran Dobric
6PM- Runway
• Joeffer Caoc
7PM- Runway
• Lundström (BIO)
8PM- Runway
• Bustle
9PM - Runway
The Heart Truth Fashion Show (BIO)

Wednesday March 18th
3PM- Runway
• Gaudet
4PM- Runway
Cheri Milaney
5:30 PM- Fashion Environment
Plus Size Model Search Cocktail Party (BIO)
6:30PM- Runway
Comrags (BIO)
7:30PM- Runway
Andy The-Anh
8 PM- Fashion Environment
LG Event: “The NEW Handbag”
8:30PM- Runway
Pink Tartan (BIO)
930PM- Runway
Joe Fresh Style (BIO)

Thursday March 19th
Aime Luxury
5PM- Runway
Project Runway Canada (Closed House)*
6PM- Fashion Environments
Ruffian “Inside out” Published by Assouline,
Official Canadian Launch
7PM- Runway
7:30 PM- Fashion Environment
LG Event “Charity Challenge”
8PM- Runway
Carlton Brown
9PM – Runway
Ed Hardy Swim and Snow
10PM- Fashion House
WOMEN X WOMEN at Fashion House (BIO)
11PM- Offsite
Fashion Week 10th Anniversary Party (BIO)

Friday March 20th
12PM-2PM- InterContinental Toronto Center
FDCC Media Love -In (BIO)
5PM- Runway
School of Fashion, Ryerson University
6PM- Runway
Carlie Wong
7PM- Runway
Evan Biddell
8PM- Runway
Lucian Matis
9PM –Runway
Valentino: The Last Emperor Exclusive Screening

Saturday March 21st
7PM- Location to be Announced
LG Fashion Week Closing Night Party

***(BIO)By Invitation Only***

Coming to Canada...

One of Britain's most popular stores is now coming to Canada. TOPSHOP has been a major style authority in the UK since 1964 and has been slowly creeping its way into North America in recent years. They recently opened their North American flagship store in New York City and a lot of their clothing is sold in Canadian department stores such as Holt Renfrew. TOPSHOP's brand really started to take off across the pond when supermodel Kate Moss designed a collection for the store.

Sir Phillip Green, the owner of the popular megachain which sees 2,000 stores in 30 countries, expects TOPSHOP to open in Canada "within six to nine months". The location of the Canadian flagship store has yet to be revealed, but most expect it to be in either downtown Toronto, or a mall such as Yorkdale or the Eaton Centre.

Start saving now!

Writer: Kate Murphy

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fall/Winter 2009 Collections

'Why doesn't anyone have any class? Why is everyone such a pain in the ass?'

Those were the words that opened DSquared2's Fall/Winter 2009 collection at this year's Milan Fashion Week. The purpose of the words helped create a setting of attitude and entitlement that would serve as the focus of the fashion show.

Once looking at the fashion show and seeing the props used it becomes quite obvious to see who were the inspirations for the collection. With layers and layers of clothing and a firm hand clutching a Starbuck's coffee, blackberry, or gossip mag, Dean and Dan clearly based their collection on two other famous twins; Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The fashion show was a tongue and cheek look at excessive consumerism and our obsession with celebrity culture. DSquared2 are known for their elaborate and fun fashion shows, and they are always willing to poke fun at themselves and the industry that they work for.

DSquared2 are a much more casual brand compared to other couture designers, meaning a lot of their pieces are completely appropriate for the average girl to wear while walking down the street. The collection focuses on oversized scarves, plaid, large dark shades, oversized beanies and the oversized boyfriend jean. DSquared2 often create collections that are very hard, dark and masculine. This can be seen with the models makeup, the shoe collection, leather and chain accents, and feather and fur details. A rock 'n' roll feeling was created with the sounds of Robert Plant belting out Led Zeppelin tunes. The essence of rock 'n' roll was established with the use of leopard prints and oversized concert tees. An homage to Kurt Cobain was apparent with plaid shirts being tied around the waist accompanied by a light denim jacket. There is also a very feminine aspect of the collection that is seen in the long flowy dresses and the use of bright colours such as pink, blue and purple.

DSaquared2 created a nice dichotomy within their collection by pairing oversized and baggy jeans and cargo shorts on the bottom with shrunken cropped leather and jean jackets and vests on top.

The fall/winter line is odd in a way because none of the pieces are particularly innovative nor groundbreaking. In fact most of the pieces are trends that have previously been worn by the masses, yet DSquared2 manage to create an overall feeling that is spot on for the time that we're living in. Their clothing allows for reinterpretation and personal creativity. So in that case it becomes hard to tell who the designers were; Dean and Dan or Mary-Kate and Ashley?

To view more of DSquared's 2009 Fall/Winter collection click
To view DSquared's 2009 Fall/Winter fashion show click
here and here.

Writer: Kate Murphy

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sell It

"In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to make a few extra bucks and a true fashionista won’t let the economy effect her style. Style is eternal and the shopping must go on!! Let us help you turn your shopping habit into cash and at the same time keep you looking fashionable." ~Fashionably Yours

Fashionably Yours is a high end consignment store focusing on young, trendy and high end designer clothing (Chanel, LV, Gucci, YSL, etc.). Fashionably Yours is located inside MODA @ 632 Queen St. W. They are opened everyday of the week, but you are asked to make an appointment if you are planning on selling your clothes.

Fashionably Yours is looking for fun party dresses, designer purses, shoes and sunglasses, and trendy accessories for resale. The clothing needs to be in good condition (no rips or stains) and relatively new (1-2 years old). They outline what they're looking for here.

Fashionably Yours splits the profit 50/50 and after 90 days you can choose to come get your unsold clothes back. You can also choose to donate them to a local women's shelter or any charity of your choice.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Writer: Kate Murphy

Monday, March 9, 2009

Birthday Barbie

Happy Birthday Barbie!

Today the iconic doll turns 50 years old. She looks pretty good for being half a century old.

I have to admit that I feel like Barbie's been celebrating her birthday for months now. Between all of the fashion shows, doll recreations, new designer outfits, and parties thrown in her honour I'd say it was a helluva bash.

Here's hoping for another 50 years!

Photo: left, original Barbie is 1959; right, modern day version of Barbie.

Writer: Kate Murphy

Fair Skin Is In

Did you know that clear, clean skin is one of the few universally recognized signs of beauty in the world? What people consider beautiful is often subject to cultural differences, but clear skin is held in high regard all over the world and is one of the physical attributes that the opposite sex looks for in a mate. My sociologally degree is finally panning out for me!

With this being said, we at FABRIC were absolutely perplexed at the notion of Lindsay Lohan creating her own spray tan line for Sephora called SEVIN NYNE. It is set to hit Sephora stores on April 15th.

If you've followed the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan for the past couple of years you would have noticed that Lindsay should not be the poster child for tanned skin. Lindsay fights against her genetic features to become a cookie cutter California girl. She's dyed her hair blonde and rocks a super dark tan. In reality Lindsay Lohan is a redhead with freckles. Redheads with freckles tend to be pretty fair skinned. Redheads often have the loveliest, most milky skin on the planet. Most people would die to have fair skin.

So instead of Lindsay Lohan embracing her genetics she's been fighting them tooth and nail. When Lindsay Lohan uses a spray tan she looks like she just rubbed a bunch of dirt on her face. Her tan is blotchy and far too orange. Like does she look in a mirror before she leaves the house? According to these pictures she doesn't. Lindsay Lohan is certainly not the greatest spokesperson for her own spray tan line.

So before everyone runs to Sephora to get their pre-summer glow remember not to stray too far from your original colouring and that clear, clean skin is one of the universal signs of beauty.

Nothing in a bottle can recreate what the sun can do for your complexion. So in our humble opinion save yourself some money, slap on a load of SPF 30+ (reapply often!), go outside, get some vitamin D, and have some fun in the sun!

Look at these photos. You'll thank us later.

Writer: Kate Murphy