Monday, March 9, 2009

Fair Skin Is In

Did you know that clear, clean skin is one of the few universally recognized signs of beauty in the world? What people consider beautiful is often subject to cultural differences, but clear skin is held in high regard all over the world and is one of the physical attributes that the opposite sex looks for in a mate. My sociologally degree is finally panning out for me!

With this being said, we at FABRIC were absolutely perplexed at the notion of Lindsay Lohan creating her own spray tan line for Sephora called SEVIN NYNE. It is set to hit Sephora stores on April 15th.

If you've followed the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan for the past couple of years you would have noticed that Lindsay should not be the poster child for tanned skin. Lindsay fights against her genetic features to become a cookie cutter California girl. She's dyed her hair blonde and rocks a super dark tan. In reality Lindsay Lohan is a redhead with freckles. Redheads with freckles tend to be pretty fair skinned. Redheads often have the loveliest, most milky skin on the planet. Most people would die to have fair skin.

So instead of Lindsay Lohan embracing her genetics she's been fighting them tooth and nail. When Lindsay Lohan uses a spray tan she looks like she just rubbed a bunch of dirt on her face. Her tan is blotchy and far too orange. Like does she look in a mirror before she leaves the house? According to these pictures she doesn't. Lindsay Lohan is certainly not the greatest spokesperson for her own spray tan line.

So before everyone runs to Sephora to get their pre-summer glow remember not to stray too far from your original colouring and that clear, clean skin is one of the universal signs of beauty.

Nothing in a bottle can recreate what the sun can do for your complexion. So in our humble opinion save yourself some money, slap on a load of SPF 30+ (reapply often!), go outside, get some vitamin D, and have some fun in the sun!

Look at these photos. You'll thank us later.

Writer: Kate Murphy

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