Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring 2009 Trends

We paid close attention to Paris and New York Fashion Weeks and we couldn't help but notice some trends that were common among numerous designers. The first trend we noticed is something dubbed "Depression Chic". It seems as though these designers had a crystal ball and were able to predict the economic crisis that is currently plaguing our world.

The fashion is a mixture of sparkly flapper frocks (above, Miu Miu) and potato sack dresses.

Little House on the Prairie also served as inspiration for Spring 2009. Marc Jacobs (right) in particular showed this in his line. Models wore a mixture of plaid in numerous understated colours and were topped off with straw hats.

These trends certainly reflect our current cultural climate, however we hope that the clothes can stay and the economic crisis will soon be over.

So much to buy, so little money!

Writer: Kate Murphy

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