Monday, March 16, 2009

Toronto Finds...

That time of year is rolling around again where you shed your winter wear and get ready to be decked out in all the hot new spring trends! Yes that means bikini shopping! We all have had our ‘Ups and Downs’ in this department, trying to find that perfect suit that’s going to compliment your body and make you look fabulous, but it can be a stressful task. This summer you will see the light!

Just down on Queen St. East you will be delightfully surprised to find a swimwear store like no other! Ups and Downs Swimwear has a variety of designer swimsuits no matter your shape or size. You will be overwhelmed by the selection, your only problem will be trying not to buy more then one. You need not fret about finding one to flatter your body because co-owner Mary Abbinante will be more then happy to assist you with flattering styles and colours that will leave you feeling like a million bucks.

Ups and Downs is equipped to meet your every need for the beach, from designer bikinis, bandeaus, and footwear to gorgeous dresses and handbags and so much more. Their extensive collection includes Vix, Diva, Debbie Katz from South Beach, and Ed Hardy as worn by the stars. It doesn’t stop there either! Ups and Downs also has Esthetics by Carmen as a partner, which provides esthetic services within the store. They have truly got you covered for any upcoming vacations or just for the summer. We all know you can’t go to the beach without a bikini wax, which you get free with a minimum $200 purchase.

The swimsuits aren’t the only thing this unique store has to offer, the d├ęcor itself is worth coming in to see. Ups and Downs have teamed up with Jane Hall Designs to create the perfect oasis to make for the ultimate shopping experience. You will be taken away by the art and unique furniture that you will not experience anywhere else.

Owners Joe and Mary Abinante have been working together for 30 years establishing their beautiful store. They’ve been through their share of tough times; when on February 15th their decade old beach location was taken away by a fire. Not letting that stop them, Joe and Mary took it as an opportunity to take a break from working '12 hours a day, seven days a week’ to go and visit their place in Sicily. They’re now back in action and have established their new location at 2010 Queen St. East.

Ups and Downs Swimwear
2010 Queen St. East

Store Hours
Monday to Wednesday - 10am to 7pm
Thursday and Friday - 10 am to 9pm.
Saturday and Sunday - 10am to 7pm

Writer: Danielle Perrault

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