Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fall/Winter 2009 Collections

'Why doesn't anyone have any class? Why is everyone such a pain in the ass?'

Those were the words that opened DSquared2's Fall/Winter 2009 collection at this year's Milan Fashion Week. The purpose of the words helped create a setting of attitude and entitlement that would serve as the focus of the fashion show.

Once looking at the fashion show and seeing the props used it becomes quite obvious to see who were the inspirations for the collection. With layers and layers of clothing and a firm hand clutching a Starbuck's coffee, blackberry, or gossip mag, Dean and Dan clearly based their collection on two other famous twins; Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The fashion show was a tongue and cheek look at excessive consumerism and our obsession with celebrity culture. DSquared2 are known for their elaborate and fun fashion shows, and they are always willing to poke fun at themselves and the industry that they work for.

DSquared2 are a much more casual brand compared to other couture designers, meaning a lot of their pieces are completely appropriate for the average girl to wear while walking down the street. The collection focuses on oversized scarves, plaid, large dark shades, oversized beanies and the oversized boyfriend jean. DSquared2 often create collections that are very hard, dark and masculine. This can be seen with the models makeup, the shoe collection, leather and chain accents, and feather and fur details. A rock 'n' roll feeling was created with the sounds of Robert Plant belting out Led Zeppelin tunes. The essence of rock 'n' roll was established with the use of leopard prints and oversized concert tees. An homage to Kurt Cobain was apparent with plaid shirts being tied around the waist accompanied by a light denim jacket. There is also a very feminine aspect of the collection that is seen in the long flowy dresses and the use of bright colours such as pink, blue and purple.

DSaquared2 created a nice dichotomy within their collection by pairing oversized and baggy jeans and cargo shorts on the bottom with shrunken cropped leather and jean jackets and vests on top.

The fall/winter line is odd in a way because none of the pieces are particularly innovative nor groundbreaking. In fact most of the pieces are trends that have previously been worn by the masses, yet DSquared2 manage to create an overall feeling that is spot on for the time that we're living in. Their clothing allows for reinterpretation and personal creativity. So in that case it becomes hard to tell who the designers were; Dean and Dan or Mary-Kate and Ashley?

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Writer: Kate Murphy

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