Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring 2009 Collections

Here at FABRIC we're Olsen twin apologists. We love them and their style. Even when they wear something that is absolutely ridiculous we are aware that they are not wearing it to impress us (the general public). Rather they wear those "creations" to impress the fashion big wigs (the Anna Wintours, the John Galliano's). We are well aware that they don't give a -- about what we think and we admire that. They wear what they want and look great doing so.

Lucky for us they have a line that is totally wearable and utterly amazing. Elizabeth & James is one of two fashion lines the twins have. It's Mary-Kate's baby. The Row is spearheaded by Ashley. Elizabeth & James' Spring 2009 Collection is a mixture of solid staples like white dress shirts, black pencil skirts and black vests. They use colour sparingly so it pops against the white and black pieces. The line has feminine, flowy, and fun pieces, but is also balanced with some menswear and tough metallic jewellery. The line is reminiscent of something Stella McCartney would design.

The lookbook is fun, showcasing models standing in kiddie pools, playing with a My Little Pony, playing bowling, and pushing a grocery cart. I assume they do this to show that the line can be worn in any situation and is adaptable to any lifestyle. I'm guessing, however, that you're not going to be seen picking up pony poop in a $1000 designer dress. It's just too risky.

Head on over to Elizabeth & James, click on Collection > Spring 2009 and enjoy!

We die!

Writer: Kate Murphy

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