Friday, March 13, 2009

Fall/Winter 2009 Collections

One of the most star studded fashion shows at this years Paris Fashion Week was courtesy of Stella McCartney. Sure it helps when your father is a a rock 'n' roll God, but Stell McCartney sure has created a name for herself within the fashion world.

Stella McCartney's Fall/Winter 2009 Collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week. McCartney's signiture looks (oversized blazers, slip style cocktail dresses, detailed tailoring, smoothe curves, and her beloved jumpsuits) were front and centre on the catwalk. McCartney certainly has become confident in her designs and it can be seen during the show. Models were given permission to smile and have fun, something that is usually frowned upon in Paris (Karl Lagerfeld is dying right now!).

McCartney's clothes are always sexy, powerful yet feminine. The lingerie inspired collection used opacity, lace, transparency and spaghetti straps to show off a woman's silhouette. The lace "is nice to remind you there's a human element underneath the clothes, nice to get skin," McCartney told reporters backstage. "It's a nice way of finding femininity and sensuality and delicacy, but when it's black lace, there's something a little edgy about it, as well." When asked if nighty dresses are wearable Stella coyly replied "for some people, I think definitely".

Other eye popping pieces include a great purple glam rock faux leather jacket, a structured gray oversized blazer, and the accessories, something that has been a challenge for McCartney in the past. Accessories are usually a designers go-to moneymaking staple because of the luxury and accessibility of the products. But Stella manages to stay true to her beliefs of not using any fur or leather in her collection, a clear by-product of her late mothers influence upon her. This creates a challenge of trying to sell her accessories to the mass public who associate fur and leather with status and money. On the positive side, when other designers such as John Galliano and Christian Lacroix have to deal with PETA representatives and staged protesters, McCartney manages to avoid such negative publicity.

"I'd like to give women something they get noticed in but won't be overwhelmed by," McCartney told reporters backstage. And that is the genius of Stella McCartney. The woman wears the clothes, the clothes don't wear the woman.

Here are some of our favourites from the collection.

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Click here to watch the fashion show and here to hear what Stella herself has to say.

Writer: Kate Murphy

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