Monday, August 25, 2008

Hot Summer Sales!

Summertime is not only for the beach, barbeques and vacations (or being in an air conditioned office all day!) but a time to experience shopping at its absolute best. The transition that retail stores make from the summer to Fall/Winter lines presents an array of opportunities to fill your closet with pieces that can carry over through to next spring, or perhaps even your upcoming winter vacation to a sunny spot. To make sure you don’t overdo it, we have scouted the streets of Toronto to find the six “keeper” items to add to your wardrobe. Make a run for it!

Keeper #1 – The Long Dress
Store: Fashion Crimes
Address: 322 ½ Queen Street West, Toronto, 416 592 9001, – (BLOG) httop://
Sale: Up to 50% off
Great Find: Long dresses with floral and geometric prints – this item is a flirty, sexy must-have. The long dress will definately be making an appearance in seasons to come. Price ranges from $150- $220.

Keeper #2 – The Wide Leg Denim Pant
Store: BEDO
Address: 320 Queen Street West
Sale: Up to 50% off.
Great Find: Low rise Bell bottom dark denim. Sale price - $39.95
The seventies are making there comeback in a stylish way! The low rise bell bottom denim suits most body types and tends to give a long and lean shape. Pair it with a ruffled top and a high heel and you'll instantly have a look that can go from day to night.
For Men: A button down cardigan in Grey – Sale $24.90. Pair this item with a pair of skinny jeans and t shirt.

Keeper #3 – The Ruffled Top

Store: Lemor
Address: 282 Queen Street West,, 416 260 9020
Sale: 55% - 80% off
Great find: Sheri Boulel silk ruffel wrap top in grey. On sale for $49 from $149

Keeper # 4- Denim and Plaid Print
Store: Showroom
Address: 278 Queen Street West
Sale: Up to 50% off
Keeper #5 – The Rain Boot
Store: Scaprino
Address: 309 Queen Street West
Sale: Up to 50% off
Great find: Eco Friendly Rain Boot

Keeper #6 – The Vest
Store: Change Room
Address: 425 Queen Street West unit 112, 416 977 0088
Sale: Up to 70% off
Great find: Scotch and Soda Dress Shirt and Vest for Men $95
This slim fitted dress shirt has detailing on the button snaps with cute anchor detailing. Once the snaps are unbuttoned, the inseam has an unexpected floral print. The shirt comes with a navy stripped vest which completes the ensemble (as seen on Pete Wentz).

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