Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Men in Women's Clothing: Mohr for Jacobs

At FABRIC Magazine we know that we can always count on fashion favourite, Marc Jacobs, for the wild and unexpected. While we've already commented on some of his more wacky designs, such as his reverse heel, it seems as though Jacobs is taking a step in a new and definitely interesting direction with his Fall 2008 ad campaigns. In the past, Jacobs has made some interesting and off-beat choices for his womens' campaigns, including White Stripes drummer, Meg White, and young actress Dakota Fanning. This season, friend of Jacobs', Juergen Teller shot male model, Cole Mohr, for both the upcoming men's and women's lines. For the women's campaign, Mohr is shown in a little black dress, with Breakfast at Tiffany's style jewelry to accompany. As one can imagine, Mohr's appearance in the latest Marc Jacobs ads have sparked quite a bit of buzz and hype. Isn't all publicity good publicity?

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