Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kings of Clothing

I'm a big fan of Kings of Leon. The first time I heard their music I was trapped in a dirty, smelly van at work in 2005 and my co-worker was OBSESSED with them. Needless to say, we all became obsessed with KOL. I support KOL. I've seen them twice in concert, have 2 concert tees, and have all of their albums. However, this new venture I will not support.

Kings of Leon are branching into the world of fashion.Yeah, fashion!

KOL are now on the same list as Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, and Miley Cyrus as musicians with clothing lings. UGH! They are really making it hard to like them right now. First the fiasco that was the Reading Festival, now a clothing line. To me, this is selling out for them. I've seen interviews of them making fun of the very thing they're doing.

The clothing looks like it was ripped right out of Urban Outfitters. The collection includes a leather jacket, plaid shirts, skinny jeans, jewellery and guitar straps. The boys teamed up with French designers Surface to Air for the collection and it will go on sale exclusively at the PARISTEXAS shop in Copenhagen in early December.

The prices were listed in Euros, but I hit up trusty Google to convert the prices to Canadian. And the prices are not cheap. The jacket is 800 Euros, which is about $1,200. The plaid shirts will set you back $188. The cheapest item in the collection is a bandana for 70 bones. I repeat a $70 bandana. I'd rather wear the bandana my dog wears then to pay that kind of money. It's pretty clear they're trying to gouge their fanbase.

So as much as I love Kings of Leon the band, I don't particulary like Kings of Leon the designers.

Photos provided by Getty and PARISTEXAS Copenhagen.

Writer: Kate Murphy

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