Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Today we are sad to report yet another loss in the international modeling world. Canadian model Diana Gabrielle O’Brien was found dead in Shanghai. The homicide has been rumoured to be the result of break-and-enter. O’Brein was on contract in Shanghai to JH Modeling Agency; some concerns have since been raised about the credibility of the Chinese agency. Since news broke of this loss, the JH website is no longer available. The victim’s friends and family have said that the experience was not what Diana had expected and she was unhappy in Asia, thus booking a flight home for later this month.

Diana was recently working in Milan before her short interlude in her home town of Salt Spring, British Columbia. Long time boyfriend Joel Berry is extremely shaken by this and only has said, "She was just completely in love with me and I just loved her back".

Our thoughts and condolences are with Diana's family at this time.

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