Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Karl Lagerfeld claimed to have lost 90 lbs by consuming nothing but Diet Coke and steamed vegetables for a year. Lagerfeld loves his Coca-Cola. So much so that he hires Diet Coke butlers to make sure that whenever he has a craving, an ice cold, aspartame filled beverage will get to him ASAP.
Karl loves his zero calorie beverage so much that he has his own limited edition Karl Lagerfeld designed Coco-Cola Light bottle with his picture adorned on it. The bottle is aluminum and also features Lagerfeld's scripted signature. The box sets retails for about $81, which will be the most expensive pop you will ever buy.

Lagerfeld also photographed the ad campaign, which just happens to feature Canadian model Coco Rocha and Baptiste Giacobini. Both models are dressed in head-to-toe Chanel. Coco is actually holding Lagerfeld's favourite Lalique crystal goblet, which he uses to sip his Coca Cola Light (below).

Photo source.
Writer: Kate Murphy

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