Monday, September 22, 2008

The Chace is On...

Looks like Patrick Dempsey doesn't have a lot of staying power these days! As we reported a couple months ago, Dempsey was signed on as the new face for Versace's cologne, Armani Diamonds, but it seems that gorgeous Gossip Girl guy, Chace Crawford, will be replacing Grey's Anatomy's Patrick come Spring 2009 when his contract expires.
One could say they saw this coming, what with Versace outfitting 23-year-old Chace for Fashion Rocks, The MTV Video Music Awards, and at co-star Blake Lively’s 21st birthday party. We're on team Chace all the way.

A representative for Versace commented, “We have been working hard to develop our relationship with Chace - and that is all we can say on the subject".
Sure, sure.

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