Thursday, September 18, 2008


Historically, when we think of Nintendo we are brought back to our childhood days and the times waiting for the morning school bus. All those 4 to 14 have a relationship with the Mario Brothers and have played Tetris. Flash forward to 2008 and our friends at Nintendo are launching Quick Yoga Training and My Japanese Coach. The gaming company is using there technology background to target Zen, Brain, Rock Star and Health! The project brings together Nintendo and Ubisoft who’ve developed Quick Yoga Training. The program which is quick and easy to use transforms a portable Nintendo DS into a personal coach at your command. This exciting and new technology targets women on the go whether they are travelling for business or are caring for children; giving them the opportunity to stay active is unparalleled. Ubisoft has not forgotten language buffs and business travelers, developing programs such as My Japanese Coach and My Chinese Coach, Nintendo users have the opportunity to learn or practice a new language on the go.

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