Friday, January 23, 2009


The September Issue
A new documentary has hit the Sundance Film Festival to much praise, but even more gossip. ‘The September Issue’ is a documentary that follows U.S. Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour as she and her minions put together the holy bible of fashion, which is the September 2007 issue of the infamous magazine. The issue features British actress/fashionista Sienna Miller. The September issue of Vogue is the largest issue ever printed, weighing in at five pounds.

The documentary was filmed by R.J. Cutler. Cutler was given an eight month, no holds barred access to life behind the scenes at fashion week, on shoots, and staff meetings at the head office of Vogue located in Times Square. The documentary features commentary on such controversial issues as celebrity culture and airbrushing. It also offers a rare portrait of the Vogue editor in her role as one of the most influential women in fashion. Her bitchy “ice queen” reputation remains very much intact.

Some of the juicy gossip that comes out of the film revolves around cover girl Sienna Miller. The cover is actually a composite of two separate shots that were taken by famed photographer Mario Testino. Her head is taken from one shot and is superimposed onto another shot of her body. Allegedly Wintour openly criticizes Miller’s appearance, claiming she is too “toothy” and has too many fillings. Miller was also asked to cut her hair, but refused to do so. Apparently this did not go over well with Miss. Wintour.

The documentary also explores the relationship between Wintour and creative director Grace Coddington. They both started working at Vogue on the very same day, but only one could rise to the top. While Coddington is widely regarded as the best fashion stylist in the world, Wintour spends most of the movie merely shooting down every idea that she sees as “uncommercial”. It becomes quite clear that Wintour’s favourite word is “no”.

The documentary debuted Friday and oversold on all of its screenings. Wintour is said to be happy with the documentary, but is also uneasy about a few scenes.

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Photo provided by Vogue.
Writer: Kate Murphy

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