Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton

Sofia Coppola is making her directorial fashion director for Louis Vuitton!

Coppola has teamed up with good friend Marc Jacobs to launch her own line of luxury bags and shoes. Sofia Coppola has already been featured in LV ads along with her director-father Francis Ford Coppola. Coppola has long been a muse to Jacobs, describing her as “young and sweet and innocent and beautiful. The epitome of this girl I fantasize of.”

“To start with I wanted to make a bag for myself and then we talked about making a little capsule collection,” she told WWD. “My friends and I are always searching for the perfect day bag. It fits all your things but isn’t too big and isn’t too heavy.”

Just like Sofia herself, the line is practical and understated. It consists of slouchy duffle bags, discreet clutches, and retro wedge sandals. “I wanted a bag that I could use every day that was coming from the heritage of Louis Vuitton’s great leather goods, not connected to the fashion side of the brand,” Coppola said. She spent about a year working with LV artisans to get things just right. “We went through a lot of prototypes but it was fun. It was always exciting to get a new one and I would try them out and add things.”

"I didn’t want it too slouchy or too structured and definitely not black — people wear so much black that it’s nice to have a bag that’s a different color." The bag comes in four versions: one in dark gray suede, two in calf leather in dark blue and burgundy, and one in LV’s signature monogram canvas.

For evening, Coppola designed four slender compact clutches with buckles resembling Vuitton’s classic trunks. She used model Lauren Hutton, one of her “fashion heroines”, for inspiration. She has also channelled the seventies when it came to designing her peep-toe wedge sandals. She was eager to craft “a heel you can really wear all night and it’s comfortable but still looks chic.”

SC for LV hits stores in March.

Writer: Kate Murphy

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