Thursday, February 12, 2009

Panty of the Month Club

Vancouver based online boutique, Panty by Post, is shipping sexy lingerie all around the world.

Partners Lori Sholzberg and Natalie Grunberg got the idea while spending a summer abroad in France. “We had this idea that if we had X-ray vision glasses we would see every French woman would be wearing beautiful lingerie,” Sholzberg said. "We're hoping to get those Parisians on board,'' Grunberg said.

For inspiration the girls looked no further than their own panty drawers. “When we looked through our favourites, we realized that we wanted something fun, durable, sexy, and economical, and each time the tag was from Blush Lingerie (a Montreal based lingerie boutique),” said Sholzberg. That’s when they decided to go with Blush for their supplier. They also intend to start designing their own panties and will make them available on their website.

The girls wanted their product to be a fun and playful way for women to unleash their inner sex kitten. The exciting thing about Panty by Post is that buyers don't choose their knickers; they only choose the cut and size.

It may seem strange to let complete strangers pick out your panties, but you can e-mail them with any suggestions or preferences. Also, every package of panties comes with a note, which can be customized for your special someone. You can purchase a Sexy Single for $18, a Sultry Six (six pairs for $108) or a Commitment (12 for $188).

Panty by Post has been featured on eTalk and Flare magazine. They are giving back with the support of musician Diana Krall who, along with her husband Elvis Costello, Elton John and James Taylor, is holding a benefit to raise funds for the Leukemia and Bone Marrow Transplant Program at VGH. The event takes place on February 16th at The Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver.

Whether if it’s a gift to yourself or a gift to your significant other, Panty by Post has your ass covered!

Writer: Kate Murphy

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