Monday, February 16, 2009

Runway Barbie

A special fashion show took place at New York Fashion Week that included designs from fifty designers. On March 9th the iconic little girl’s toy turns 50. We have to admit, Barbie looks pretty good for her age.

In celebrations of the milestone birthday, Mattel asked fifty designers to design outfits for Barbie ranging from retro to modern to futuristic. Come of the designers included Diane von Furstenberg, Bob Mackie, Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, and Rachel Roy.

The fashion shows started with sounds from the appropriate “Doll Parts” by Hole, which was the perfect soundtrack to this particular show. The first real life doll was a throwback to the original doll, wearing a zigzag black and white swimsuit with pink peep toe pumps. The look was re-mastered by Rachel Roy. The modern day Barbie was also dressed in a legendary DvF wrap dress. Futuristic Barbie wore a shimmery gold gown with feather headdress, created by Bob Mackie. Next to Cher, Barbie is undoubtedly Mackie’s most flamboyant dresser.

"Barbie is the quintessential American icon. She represents a woman's first experience with style, transcending generations and cultures; she holds a special place in the fashion world and is an inspiration to many designers," Tommy Hilfilger said in a statement.

Barbie has worn every outfit imaginable by every designer in the world. She’s been a muse from everyone from Andy Warhol to Marc Jacobs. She is also the ultimate and unattainable ideal of beauty, youth, and perfection. Barbie is arguably the single most important American fashion icon in history.

To take a look at the fashion show click here, here, and here.

Writer: Kate Murphy

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