Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammys Worst

The Grammys were held in Los Angeles last night and unlike the Golden Globes and Academy Awards, it seems as though bad fashion is not just accepted, but is encouraged. Now as a fashion magazine and blog we are more interested in clothing that is beautiful to look at and beautiful to wear, however, the Grammys are our excuse to enjoy absolutely ludicrous fashion. Also, the star power at the Grammys was seriously lacking.

Nikki Cox – We’re well aware that you can’t see her dress (don’t worry it was tacky), but we can’t decide what’s more offensive; her Cheeto coloured skin or her surgically enhanced lips/breasts? It’s a toss-up.

Paula Abdul – This outfit is how I think Paula’s mind works. She’s wearing Basil Soda if anyone cares to know.

M.I.A. – I don’t want to put her on this list because she’s way too cool for it, but wearing such a colourful and busy outfit on the day you’re due to give birth gives your belly too much attention. The outfit she wore on stage while performing Swagger Like Us looked amazing. This dress is Manish Arora Spring 2009.

Kate Beckinsale – Usually Kate Beckinsale looks great, but we’ve noticed she has a tendency to overdress on many occasions. This was one of those times. The outfit is better suited to the Oscars as opposed to the Grammys. I mean it has a train for crying out loud! The dress is by Reem Acra.

Writer: Kate Murphy

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