Monday, February 2, 2009

The Rachel Zoe Project

We’ve heard about this show for a little while now, but it just premiered on Canadian television last week and we can say that after one episode we were full on addicted.

The Rachel Zoe Project follows one of Hollywood’s hottest and most controversial stylists Rachel Zoe as she styles some of Hollywood’s hottest stars such as Jennifer Garner, Debra Messing, Joy Bryant and Molly Sims. Zoe is also behind the looks of actresses Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway and Kate Beckinsale.

Zoe was often faced with criticism and scrutiny for styling these stars. She was accused of selling weight loss drugs and encouraging her clients to become rail thin, just like the stylist herself. She’s also been criticized for wearing fur, which she does in every episode of her reality show. Zoe’s style is anything but minimal. She often dresses in layers of clothes, hidden behind a giant pair of “sunnies” and wears what some consider an excessive amount of jewellery.

The show also follows Zoe during New York Fashion Week and awards season. The reality show features cameos from some of the fashion industry’s most famous designers such as Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, and Diane von Furstenberg.

The best part of the reality show comes from the uncomfortable, yet hilarious relationship between Zoe’s assistants Taylor and Brad (he’s Canadian!). Taylor is a no nonsense, neurotic hard ass that has no time for having fun while on the job. Brad, on the other hand, is a humourous, flamboyant, sharply dressed man who is all about doing the job while having fun. You watch every episode just waiting for Taylor’s head to explode and for Brad to burst into tears.

Zoe has created her own line of catchphrases that she busts out throughout a 60 minute show. Her favourites include “shutting it down”, “I die”, “hero dress”, “witch vibe”, and “you look bananas”. Trust us when we say that you’ll be busting out these phrases as well. They’re contagious.

This show is a dream for people who love fashion. Even if you don’t like Zoe or her own personal style, you will enjoy gazing at hundreds of dresses, shoes, and jewellery, and travelling to LA/NY's best vintage and designer stores.

The Rachel Zoe Project airs Monday’s at 9 on CosmoTV. The show is like Lays chips; you can’t have, or in this case watch, just one.

Writer: Kate Murphy

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