Monday, April 20, 2009

Diamond in the Rough

In 1996 Karen McFarlane, wife, mother and grandmother, ended a 25-year career in health care and chose to invest in her natural design talents. With her signature as her trademark, Karen embraced the very new challenges of growing her own business.

“Creating beautiful things has been a life long passion,” says McFarlane. “ A love of art, architecture and travel, as well as fashion, has influenced my design skills. I am inspired by the materials before me and prefer to use multiple elements to add richness and a feel of luxury to my pieces. Collaboration with fashion designers, stylists, retailers, media, and customers, has been very rewarding. In spite of work days that stretch into the night, I feel most fortunate to be able to indulge in my passions and continue to develop as an individual as well as an artist.”

Now in her 12th year of production, the Canadian designer creates an exotic, original, couture line of jewellery and accessories. Jewellery by Karen designs are limited in edition, hand worked and finely wrought in her Dundas, Ontario studio. The line features evening pieces, daywear, and most recently bridal creations. Both of the moment and timeless, the Jewellery by Karen line is best described as “wearable art”.

Jewellery by Karen designs have received much attention from the fashion industry and are sought after to complement high-end fashion collections. Karen’s design talent is in demand to customize accessories for private clients, fashion designers and stylists. Her work has appeared with couture as well as ready to wear lines on runways, in fashion photo shoots and window displays, and has been featured in trade and fashion publications.

Distribution includes high fashion boutiques and accessories stores across Canada and the US. Jewellery by Karen designs will soon be marketed to European countries.

My connection with Brandon Dwyer: I have come to the attention of a number of stylists, designers and celebrities in the Toronto area. Many of my contacts have come by "word of mouth" after collaborating and showing with others. Sara Jay is the stylist who introduced my work to Brandon, first for his look book photo shoot.

Her jewellery has been featured in Lou Lou and Life & Fashion magazines.
Writer: Karen McFarlane press kit

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