Friday, April 3, 2009

Molded Shoes

I just saw these Alexander McQueen shoes on Heidi Klum for an apparent Vogue spread and I have to say I am kind of obsessed with them. They are part of his Spring 2009 collection, which means they should be in stores now. I mean they're molded to your feet!!! This is great for people with foot fetishes and really gross for people who have an irrational fear of feet. I think they're pretty cool.

I have so many question. I wonder if they're more comfortable to wear? Maybe you're feet won't slip forward and cause women to get dreaded hammer toes. I wonder if each pair is molded to the individual's foot or is it one size fits all? If that's the case I have to say that I feel bad for women whose second toe is longer than their big toe.

Leave it to McQueen to think of something like this.

Writer: Kate Murphy

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