Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jumping for Lacoste pt. 2

Back in October we told you that Hayden Christensen had signed on to be the new face of Lacoste's newest cologne Challenge. The ads were based on Hayden's movie Jumper and the commercials were set to ad in France.

Finally the ads have been released in North America. This is the press release describing the cologne:

Challenge opens on notes of fresh energy and tangerine and lemon enhanced with a touch of bergamot. In heart, ginger blends with lavender and purple leaves, which make(s) it more soft and sensual. The teak and ebony wood in the background provide a solid and powerful fragrance midway between tradition and modernity.

I couldn't make this up if we tried! I'm sure it smells great, but I don't think I could've smelled all those scents in one cologne. For those of you who don't know (I didn't, I Googled it!) bergamot is a "pear-shaped fragrant citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia". See, you learn something new everyday! The bottle is also meant to resemble a tennis raquet.

Lacoste Challenge will be available in May in both 40 and 50ml bottles.

Writer: Kate Murphy

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