Friday, July 3, 2009

Gossip Girl Fraud?

Yesterday we posted about Anna Sui's new Target collection that was inspired by Gossip Girl. However, late last night we received an email from NYLON magazine that told the real story of the capsule collection. The line isn't so much inspired by Gossip Girl as it is a cheaper version of Sui's previous collections. Most of the looks are reinterpretations by Sui's 2006 collection. The problem is Gossip Girl didn't hit the airwaves until 2007. So either Sui can see into the future or Sui and Target are using the popularity of Gossip Girl to sell some clothes. It seems a little shameless. Sui seems to be trying to make some money in this economy by just regurgitating her previous looks without having to create any new ideas. I wasn't really down with the collection yesterday and this new information just solidifies my first opinion.

Photos and info provided by NYLON.
Writer: Kate Murphy

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