Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lily Allen pops out

Along with being the new face of Chanel, Lily Allen has decided to launch her own line of jewellery. The line consists of necklaces, rings, and bracelets adorned with panda's and poodle's. Seriously! The entire line just consists of panda's and poodles!!!!

But if you thought her collection was the biggest joke of the night, think again. Like numerous times before, Allen did an injustice to her Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit when her tit popped out of her shirt (see left photo). It's not like Lily Allen cared. After it happened she popped her boob back in place and said "I love jewellery, it can change a whole outfit."

Maybe this line is Lily's genious way of people forgetting about her many boob flashes. People will be so put off my a freaking poodle on her chest that they won't even notice if a nipple pops out here and there.

Writer: Kate Murphy

1 comment:

SoniaBlade said...

lol that was a bit harsh. pandas and poodles are quite endearing.