Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I really had no idea what Fornarina was, except for that trippy Gem and the Holograms commercial Lindsay Lohan did for the clothing company. It really did show off her range as an actress quite nicely!

Lilo recetly tweeted a picture of herself (see above) at the recent Fornarina Fall/Winter '09 ad campaign photoshot. She's very subtle isn't she? I was shocked to hear that they weren't going out of business after one season. I mean, the clothes are hideous (see below)!
Their own paid spokersperson hasn't even been seen out in public with their clothes. So if you can't pay someone to wear your designs, how do the big wigs at Fornarina expect people to actually use their own money to purchase these monstrosities.

I guess Lilo buys Fornarina some publicity, but I still doubt anyone will be lining up for their new collection.

PS. All the photoshop doesn't make Lohan look all cracked out.

Here are some pics from the new Fall/Winter '09 ad campaign. I feel like she's channeling Madonna in some of these shots.

Photos provided by Google Images, Lindsay Lohan Source & ONTD.
Writer: Kate Murphy

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