Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson: Style Icon

“Life ain’t so bad at all, if you live it off the wall”
Tribute to Michael Jackson’s style: 1958-2009
Yes Michael Jackson was a very odd individual, but his influence on the entertainment industry cannot go unnoticed. There were the black loafers, the spangled glove, the red jacket, the aviator sunglasses, the fedora, the epaulets, the tassels, the sparkles, and the jerry curl. Love him or hate him Michael Jackson was a style icon.

Never one to fit in, MJ has always set himself apart from every other musician out there, not just because of his obvious dancing and singing talent, but also because of his daring and unique style.

For those that look at Michael Jackson without prejudice will discover that Jackson has brought influential fashion pieces and design elements to each decade.

Jackson strutted into the pop scene in the 1970’s with his platform heels and wide bell bottom pants, a very low key style for what was to come decades later.

With the release of his album “Off the Wall” Jackson introduced a more polished look. With his tuxedo top, pegged pants, black loafers, and white socks (to show off his moon walk) MJ’s influence on fashion was just beginning.

Everyone’s favorite and most memorable fashion statements were when his album Thriller jumped up to the top of the charts with MJ sporting the infamous red leather jacket with zipped details, paired with parachute pants and a single white sequined glove to finish off the look that personified the 80’s. MJ also wore his hair in a jerry curled style and often sported mirrored aviators. If you take a walk down the street of any big city today you can find someone sporting at least one of these key pieces.

In the 90’s MJ is often remembered for his theatrical costumes, such as his military jackets. When off stage MJ still dressed to impress, he always presented himself polished, usually in a suit or classic style with his own military inspired touches.
Unfortunately in his last years Michael’s only fashion statements were made in the courtroom, where he never wore the same thing twice. I would rather not talk about that though, as I would like to remember Michael Jackson for the amazing artist he was and it’s a shame we never got to see what was coming next in fashion for his comeback tour.

So every time you see something that is MJ inspired in your closet, in stores, on a celebrity, or walking down the street, bow your head and tip your fedora to the King of Pop!

MJ’s style will not soon be forgotten!

RIP Michael Jackson

Photos provided by Google Images.
Writer: Danielle Marie

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