Thursday, August 20, 2009

French Connection gets Rolling

The coolest Rolling Stone member, Keith Richards, is watching as his daughters follow in the footsteps of bandmate Mick Jagger's children by entering the world of fashion. Alexandra and Theodora Richards are the new faces of French Connection's campaign.

The girls have been modeling for years. They first appeared in an ad for Tommy Hilfiger along with Lizzie Jagger. The girls swear that it is their work ethic and love of fashion that has gotten them this far, not their famous last name or nepotism. (Isn't that what every kid of a famous person says. I really wish someone would come out and admit they got the job because of who their parents are!) ‘People have expectations because we come from a family that has a name,’ Alexandra tells Grazia magazine. 'But I’m a 23-year-old putting in the work to have a nice life and a nice future; hopefully a family one day.’

Keith's rock star behaviour hasn't fallen far from the tree. Theo admits to showing up late to important photo shoots; ‘The worst thing I’ve done is turn up late [for a shoot] and I felt bad because the least you can do is arrive on time.’

The girls say their father is supportive of their career choice.
Photos provided by Daily Mail UK.
Writer: Kate Murphy

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