Wednesday, May 13, 2009

H&M Goes S&M

We've been pimping H&M pretty hard lately, but trust us we don't get any kickbacks. The label has just been doing some really great things within the fashion industry lately which has warrented attention. They've grabbed headlines for teaming up with Matthew Williamson and now they'll grab shoppers attention because of their newest line, Divided Exlusive.

The line is a complete 180 from Williamson's line or anything H&M has done before. There are no girly skirts or pretty tees. H&M decided to go dark and edgy with this line, inspired by sadomasochism.

The line is all about leather, fur, velvet, studs and includes a lot of black. And i mean a lot of it! The fabrics have a lot to do with the feel of it. The line includes a leather bodysuit, a skirt with garder belts, a fur dress, and a velvet dress and vest.

This is a pretty controversial line considering H&M is a pretty friendly shopping mall store. It will either sink or swim. Fashionista's everywhere will either line up in droves to get their hands on it or they will be put off by it and stay far away. I think if you look at the pieces individually versus the entire collection you'll see that some of the pieces are really fantastic!

I still don't know how I feel about crushed velvet, but I probably said the same thing about skinny jeans and shoulder pads a few years ago.

Photos provided by Glife & The Pipeline
Writer: Kate Murphy

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