Monday, May 4, 2009

Headband Headscratcher

Sometime in 2003 Mischa Barton was considered a style icon. The OC was the most popular show on television and she was Hollywood's new "it" girl. Then she demanded to be killed off the show and her career seemed to have died with her character.

Well apparently no one told Mischa that. While she can't find an acting job to save her life (mainly because she cannot act), she has set her sights on design. She's teamed up with designer
Stacy Lapidus to create her own line of headbands.

"I come up with my inspirations and ideas for fabrics and styles and then a team will present me with the drawings. From there we tweak and rejig. It's a fascinating process that I am very hands-on with. Inspiration strikes me all the time so I have to keep my ideas noted somehow."

The line is supposed to be ethereal and hippie inspired. The line is called the Versailles Collection. The pieces are designed with flowers and beads, and are made of linen and silk. The line is also inspired by her world wide travels.

“I’ve been working in the likes of India, Milan, Paris, London, Montreal, L.A, and NYC. My style has been somewhat boho chic, which I think is a result of having traveled so extensively throughout the course of the past year.”

Here's my bone of contention. I don't understand how some celebrities have the audacity to charge insane amounts of money for something based on the fact that they have a recognizeable name. If you look at the headbands they look like anything you can buy at Claire's, but the prices are no where near mall store prices. The headbands range in price from $50 to $200. I repeat $200...for a headband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here's my advice. Either go to Claire's and buy some headbands for $5 or go to your local craft store and design your own. I guarantee you can do just as good of a job as Mischa and you'll spend a fraction of the price.

Writer: Kate Murphy

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