Thursday, May 14, 2009

Linda & Naomi Scrap for DSquared2

DSquared2 have decided to forego the "it girl" models and famous celebrities to be the faces of their new ad campaign. They've gone to the tried and true supermodels of the 90's. Canadian, and my hometown (shout out to St. Catharines!) girl, Linda Evangelista goes nose to nose with Naomi Campbell in the Spring/Summer 2009 ads.

The photos were shot by famed photographer Steven Meisel. The ads shows the two beauties squaring off in combat.

The ads have garnered their fair share of controversy because they show a black woman and a white woman fighting. Some argue that Naomi seems to be the aggressor in the ads which some say is blatant racism and an inappropriate portrayal of a certain race. Linda's facial expressions emote a sense of weakness and fear. Critics are arguing that it's another example of white people fearing black people and that ads like these perpetuate the ignorance. On the other hand, others are saying that it is only right for Naomi to be the aggressor, knowing her history and her troubles with the law.

You may not buy into all of this, but it is certainly something to think about.

Controversy aside, the women and the pictures look beautiful.

Photos provided by Style Frizz.
Writer: Kate Murphy

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