Friday, October 17, 2008

'Flare' for Fashion 2008

October 15th marked the 4th annual fashion charity event, “Flare for Fashion.” Showcasing the latest in fashion, the gala attracted an impressive audience and placed a face to a debilitating disease by sharing stories of those whose lives have been affected. Presenting designs by Joe Fresh Style, David Dixon, Simon Chang, Mondo Uomo, Andy the Anh, Brian Bailey, La Senza and Ines DiSanto, the show, titled A Walk Through the Enchanted Garden, left the audience breathless. The audience also had the pleasure of enjoying a special performance by the Art and Soul Dance Company, Mookie who is one of the finalists from Canadian Idol, and Sarah Melody. Luckily, FABRIC was there to snap some shots!

The Lupus Flare Foundation is an organization whose mission is to raise public awareness and funds in support of lupus, lupus research, and health care and patient support for those in the lupus community. Working towards a cure for lupus is a dedicated group of volunteers and supporters whose initiatives go towards two essential and necessary lupus clinics located in Toronto: The Lupus Research Databank Program at Toronto Western Hospital and the Pediatric Lupus Clinic in the Hospital for Sick Children. With this strong beginning, the foundation has future expectations of providing this mission to lupus communities across Canada.

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