Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fashion Parties!

We at FABRIC Magazine absolutely adore L'oreal Fashion Week! We hope you've taken some time to check out our Runway Reports; as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and we are doing our best to do these beautiful designs justice. We are having a ball at Fashion week and are so lucky to be working with some very talented stylists and team members from FABRIC alike to give you full coverage of Spring/Summer 2009!

Some of the things we love most about Fashion Week are the after parties! What better way to relax, schmooze, and celebrate beautiful clothing than to kick back with Toronto's most vibrant fashionistas in the hottest spots in the city? Last night the FABRIC team was at Toronto's trendy Drake Hotel to kick off Fashion Week with a bang. This bash was in celebration of Katya Revenko's 'Desperately Different' line, sponsored by Samsung for their CLEO phone launching in November. Cake gave away a gift bag to one lucky attendee; check out what they have to offer at www.cakebeauty.com

The party was great and good times were had by all. Check out the pictures below and see what a rocking time we had. See you at the shows, and don't forget your camera!

First Photo Credit: Dana Richardson
All others: David Cyr.

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