Friday, October 3, 2008

Up and Comming: Harajuku Lovers

Just when you thought the invasion was over, Gwen Stefani brings us her Harajuku Lovers perfume; each with a character association. The Harajuku Lovers line of perfumes debuts with five girly scents. We at FABRIC were lucky enough to stop by the press junket yesterday held on Queen West; Harajuku Lovers which is being launched world wide by COTY Prestige is sure to be a hit!
A sensuous floral – Tender, Romantic, and Sensual

A fruity floral – Colourful, Tasty, Sweet

A modern gourmand - Tropical, Sunny, Delicious

A delicate floral – Sparkling, Yummy, Juicy

A powdery musk – Fresh, Clean, Soft

These perfumes come in 30mL and 10mL bottles. For the entire Harajuku Lovers experience visit

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