Sunday, October 18, 2009

Art Meets Fashion at Nuit Blanche

Walking through the Distillery District during Nuit Blanche is like entering a fantasy world filled with interpretive dancers, whimsical lights, and expensive coffee. Nestled in the midst of all of this was the Art of Fashion design competition.

Instead of the expected fashion show (runway, seating, etc) the Art of Fashion design competition created art instillations filled with ten young designers and their innovative designs– their pieces all centered around the theme of Iconic Power.

The night was unique as these designers had the ability to meet with powerful players in the Canadian fashion industry such as Brian Bailey and David Dixon - both of whom were circling the crowds judging each of the designers pieces with their fashionably seasoned eye. The event was also a fantastic way for the ten designers to gain exposure to the huge Nuit Blanche crowd.

Among the designers was Sheila Lam, who divulged to me that some of her strongest inspirations derived from the Book of Revelations and Judgment Day. This was definitely apparent when I looked at her editorial display, which was filled with corseting and angelic, delicate fabrics.

Sheila’s display, with its powerful imagery and shocking point of view, helped her to stand out from the crowd…literally! And after it was all over and every last vote was counted, it was Sheila’s Revelation that stood victorious amid all the other Iconic Powers.
The designers helped the public discover fashion for the sake of art, not just for the sake of clothing.

Writer: Jenelle Spadaro

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