Friday, October 16, 2009

The Skinny on Skinnies

Some of us love them, and a lot of us hate them. Whatever your stance, the skinny jean is here to stay! It’s the easiest way for anyone to pull off a punk-rock, glam look, or use them to fashion yourself into a sophisticated look in a matter of seconds…or minutes….depending on how long it takes you to pull the slim fitted pant over your feet and booty!

I’ve been addicted to the skinney for the last four years, and can’t remember the last time I sported a flare.. Since I wear jeans on a daily basis, I have had the privilege and horror of trying on a lot of different brands of skinnies. I should put it out there that my body is by no means modelesque. I’ve got junk in the trunk, which means the skinny I rock needs to be able to flatter the curves. I’m going to break it down for you right now. The three best brands for skinny jeans for a curvy body type are as follows. And believe me, they are tried, tested and true!

Fidelity Denim – From Canadian designer Jason Trotzuk - this guy knows what a woman wants; premium denim, awesome finishes and a fit that will make every single woman strut in her skinnies. The Twiggy in Viper Rinse. Love them - try them on and you’ll fall instantly in love.

Habitual – They use the finest fabrics and all the intricate detailing and treatments are done by hand. My fave thing about Habituals is the Maltese cross design on the back pockets which represents courage, honour, truth and bravery - for sure the most meaningful jean in my closet. The pockets accentuate the booty and that’s always a good thing!

Rock the Ava Skinny in Smokey for a change from your true blue denim!
7 For All Makind – Roxanne Skinny in Mercer wash – Could it be? Have the denim gods blessed us with a skinny as comfy as a sweatpant? They sure have! These super, stretchy dark denim jean hits all the right spots and you won’t want to take them off!


So, throw on your Skinnies and work it, but remember never buy them a size smaller and always wash in cold water!

I heart you my skinny.

Writer: Monica Wejman

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