Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pink Tartan S/S 2010

Kimberley Newport-Mimran debuted her Pink Tartan Spring/Summer 2010 collection in front of a crowd that featured Ben Mulroney, Degrassi stars Lauren Collins and Adamo Ruggiero, former Maple Leaf Tie Domi with his Nip/Tuck girlfriend Kelly Carlson, the Beckerman sisters, Seamus O'Regan, and most notably her husband Joe Mimran.

The show was so popular that the public were squashed into the bleachers like sardines, even forcing people to sit on the stairs (can you say fire hazaard!). The show was fun and exciting. In classic Pink Tartan fashion the clothes were edgy yet sophisticated, strong yet very feminine.

Sequins became a major focal of the collection, but it was handled in a way where it wasn't over the top. It was balanced with simple boyfriend blazers.

Another trend that doesn't seem to be losing any steam are the strong shoulders, which were seen on dresses and shirts, not just blazers. Belts were also used on a number of the looks. They were used to sinch the waste and then tied in a way so the strap would hang down. The theme for the dresses was "the shorter the better". One of the major standouts of the show was the caramel coloured brown leather jacket/skirt combo. It was quite a departure from the rest of the collection, but it didn't feel out of place.

The collection is definitely wearable, but didn't feature anything that was necessarily transcendent or groundbreaking.

Photos provided by Sun Edmonton.
Writer: Kate Murphy

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