Thursday, October 1, 2009

DSquared2 <3's CAMPing

DSquared2 debuted their Spring/Summer 2010 collection this past week during Milan Fashion Week. The design duo are home grown Canadians, but are now based out of Milan. However, the collection was less Italian and more Canuck.

Maybe the twins found inspiration while designing the Olympic outfits the athletes will wear, because this collection has a distinct Canadiana feel, with detailing right down to a maple leaf in place of a heart.

The show included pitched tents on the runway, hiking and rain gear. One thing DSquared2 aren't is boring. Their shows are often the most enjoyable during fashion weeks. The twins never take themselves or fashion too seriously. They play and have fun with their collections and aren't afraid to be camp-y (pun totally intended!)

What's really impressive about the collection are the details. High heeled studded lace-up hiking sandals were worn with thick grey and orange woolen socks. The outfits were accessorized with beaded necklaces shaped like creepy crawly black beetles. The models are even carrying beer bottles with them as they trot down the runway.

So if this collection is any indication, the Canadian Olympic team will be sporting trucker hats and plastic raincoats when standing on the podium.

Photos provided by FAB Sugar.
Writer: Kate Murphy

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