Monday, October 19, 2009

Olympic Fashion

The Canadian Olympic clothing was unveiled a few weeks ago and it looks like the Hudson's Bay Company's head director Suzanna Timmins felt inspired by SCTV's Bob and Doug McKenzie. "Canadian style means we're relaxed and we're comfortable," Timmins said. "We don't take ourselves too seriously and we know how to have fun but we also want to look professional."

Along with the classic red and white Canadian colours, black and grey were added to the designs. "It's dynamic, bold and athletic," said Timmins. "It's inspired by sport and infused with Canadian style."

Timmins made it a point of noting that Italian Vogue recently featured a spread on a "Canadian look" which featured parkas and plaids. We no doubt have to thank DSquared2 this. "That's our style so why not take these items and make them part of the core of the collection."

One of the models for the clothing was Steve Yzerman, the exective director of the men's hockey team (arguably the most important job to Canadians). "As soon as you pull on these colours, you think about Canada and what it stands for — quiet determination, hard work and sharing the load," he said. "These are values all Canadians share. You think of heros like Gordie Howe, Terry Fox and Rick Hansen."

The clothes are expected to gross over $500 million worldwide. The prices of the clothes range from $10 for toques, $20 T-shirts, $20 scarves, $55 hoodies, $100 quilted jackets.

You can find the clothing at Hudson's Bay Company and The Bay. Writer: Kate Murphy

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