Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Cruel Summer

If you're a Canadian, you are probably well aware of the possibility that summer may not ever arrive. However, despite the chilly circumstances we withstand as we type this blog, we are also brimming with the hope of some sunshine in the near future. Although it may be more realistic to pick up and move to L.A. where the sun seems to shine even on the Olsen twins, we've compiled a few of our favourite swimsuit looks for your pleasure today. Luckily, these colourful and fun bathing suits (some of which may give questionable tan lines, we'll admit) are so chic, even if you don't get a chance to wear them between now and Labour Day, Spring Break '09 will be charmed.

Most collections were showing asymmetric designs, geometric and animal print, itsy-bitsy bikinis, cut-away swimsuits, and the classic one-piece, paired with the timeless sarong or the newer and cuter Caftan dress. Inspirations in fabric treatments include braiding, draping, sheer layering, and twisting. Drawn from Romanticism, Mod-vibe, Miami Art Deco, Hollywood Glamour, and unpredictable mixes.
Here's hoping!

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