Friday, June 6, 2008

Tame That Mane

Frizzy hair doesn’t only frazzle you, but can make you look frazzled as well. In preparation for the exhausting humidity and 40 degree weather, we here at SC are going to offer some tips to avoid unpleasant frizz. Kim, a stylist from EXIT SALON, suggests that you should “try not to overwork your hair. Keep it natural, keep it fun!”

Curly hair tends to be frizzy from the get-go, but with using product that has coconut oil or silicon (which gives hair weight without making it look heavy), your curls can be refined and look their absolute best. One product Kim suggests is Redken’s Fresh Curls Curl Refiner, which has an anti-frizz protein, providing the hair with protection against static and frizz.

Now, for you ladies and gentlemen with straight hair. Sometimes when you add serum or oil it can leave the hair looking greasy and dirty. Where curly hair loves product, straight hair is not as absorbing. Products with anti-humectants keeps the hair cuticle closed, blocking out unnecessary moisture throughout the day. Redken makes a product called Align which provides a lot of slick. Instead of the silicon used to curly hair, Align has Shea butter which when added heat gives a silky, smooth, light finish.

EXIT SALON is Redken’s flagship salon, but can also be found at most beauty supply outlets. Pricing for the professional product range from $15-$25.

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